Why does GD not make my computer crash? At all?

I am actually genuinely curious. I hear about people having crashes and freezes and I can not remember the last time I had a CTD-level problem with GD. I think the answer might lie in my DxDiag but I’m not really a tech wizard.

Are any tech wizards present that can explain this? I have all kinds of issues with other games (Bethesda games notwithstanding, they’re always buggy) but the worst I ever get with GD is some mild graphical issues. And I can’t explain why.

My computer is an old nag and I can hear the fans spin up hard in a lot of areas in GD but it never crashes.

Just because there are posts every now and then here about crashes doesn’t mean that everyone has them. I would say that the people having crashes are in the minority.

I’ve played on 2 different Computers now (one ~5 years old and one completely new) and while I have seen crashes on both, they are few and far between. I can’t remember the last time I had a crash at all.

Edit: That said, I forgot to take into account that new updates bring on a slew of changes that can lead to crashes but Crate generally tries to iron out as many of them as they come. I would say there are far less during the wait for new updates.

The thing is I’m actually used to my computer being unstable more often than not. It flips its shit and goes software mode in MechWarrior 4 Mercs for no good reason and runs horribly for no good reason. It absolutely eats shit with a big map in Civ V BNW, I have to turn off all kinds of things to keep it from freezing on a Huge map with enough players to fill it out nicely and forcing me to kill the process from Task Manager. It did all kinds of strange things in TF2 (history of strange CTDs with cryptic error messages). And I’m used to new content giving my computer mild fits before patches, I’ve played a lot of games that needed FAN patches to run without serious issue. I don’t get why I’m not one of the people complaining about crashes in GD, not because I think GD should be crash-prone but because my computer is a temperamental female dog. (Has a nasty habit of reboot looping on a cold start. Still can’t figure out why.)

I have no idea then. Maybe your Computer’s hardware just plays nice with the game’s engine or something :eek:

Which would blow my mind because ATI/AMD isn’t the popular one last I knew. I wish I could figure out how to make this helpful for solving other people’s crash problems, but I’ve never programmed in my life (making modules in NWN doesn’t hardly count at all) so I’m not sure what would and would not help.

In my experience across many, many installs of GD on various separate PCs (job related), it actually seems to behave better on AMD gear.

Anecdotal but the truth of my experience.


Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I rarely ever get crashes. Most the crashes I have gotten that were actually repeatable occurred during testing new builds of Grim Dawn and in those cases most the other testers had them as well in those circumstances… and then those specific cases were always fixed by Crate before public release.

Other than that most my other crashes are rare and infrequent and usually occur after leaving the game running a long time with a whole lot of alt-tabbing in and out over those periods. Not really surprising or uncommon in those circumstances for most any game to display similar behavior.

Actually, I have to agree with this too. I had virtually no issues playing for ~1000 hours on an old setup using AMD/ATI hardware.

The rare occasions I do get crashes they’re super random and after so much play time they seem memory leak related if anything

There are a few people that crash and as a consequence are vocal. You can not go by seeing some posts about crashes, you find those for every game. 99+% do not / rarely crash, me included.

This topic was discussed a while back at Anandtech and the general consensus was the majority of players who experience crashes constantly lie solely on the user’s end. Meaning, either they installed hardware that is bottlenecking their system. They refuse to clean their PC which causes overheating. They run multiple applications in the background which cause conflicts. They try to stream when their PCs aren’t capable of handling the load. Overloading their games with mods or using mods that cause conflicts… So on and so fourth.

I can’t remember the last game (unmodded) that crashed consistently like you hear from some people about various games. The only exception is Hero Siege right after a major update (like the one that released yesterday) but those developers are lazy and refuse to test their patches before they release them. Give it a month or two and all the major fatal errors are ironed out and I’m back to no crashes.

There’s always those games (looking at you Bethesda) which are famous for bugs/glitches/CTDs, but over the years players have found out how to prevent most of these from happening (ie. disable auto-saves). I’d be willing to bet that most of the people who are vocal about constant crashes are responsible for the crashes.

Grim Dawn has never crashed for me. Not even way back in Early Access.

My computer has frozen maybe twice, ever. (since I bought the cpu/motherboard back in Nov '09)

The only CTD I’ve had in remotely recent memory was one time when I was changing Dota 2’s video option from Direct3D to Vulcan…

I get worried if I don’t crash . Usually once every game play . The worst culprit is the character select screen , if I move the mouse too fast when a character is loading can cause it to freeze , sometimes just swapping characters can just freeze it . I do have other crashes but that seems to be the worst .

I have never crashed in any other game I play atm .

Your job is installing GD? :rolleyes:

I almost never had crashes, even in test builds. Almost 800 hrs on current pc setup. Sometimes the game freezes on loading screen though so I have to close it.

My friend had shitload of crashes, once per hour or so. It started to happen after he migrated to Win10. He tried various things but in the end he found out that other games crash as well and he had to roll back to Win7, which solved the issue.

Anecdotal, but I’m on amd chip and he’s on intel one.