Why doesn't Alexander drop Warrants?

Rant mode: ON.
Why the fucker Aleksander doesn’t ever drop a warrant? I think it’s been 20 killings now without a single warrant being dropped. C.mon, Reaper gives me like 3-4 warrants on 5 kills -_-

Can’t be just bad player luck, it’s the drop rate different than other nemesis?

I believe that’s just bad luck. I killed him about 5-6 times and i have 3 warrants

I got one or two after ~30 kills. I don’t farm him now because he’s a boring Nemesis (being able to survive his meteor + skill spam is kind of boring :P) and he has too many spawn points.

I got a warrant the first time I killed Aleksander. Then nothing. None. Nada. Null. Void. Never again.

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Bad luck streak, I have had 7, used 5.

If it’s just bad luck, this game knows indeed how to be a real bitch sometimes [rant mode/ OFF]

Never had any warrant. EVER. But that’s most likey also bad luck.