Why doesn't the Rat Catcher provide meat?

Just a bit of research…

It would be in fact a resource of food in extreme conditions, where your people wouldnt die from starvation but from deceases after eating this kind of food…


I remember this… :scream:

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I had an elderly relative (no longer with us) that was a prisoner of war in WW2. They didn’t get fed very well and he had to resort to eating rats to stay alive… and no, he didn’t die until many years later…

He never spoke much about it and I was very curious… I would just get a stern look from all my questions.

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I get why many from that era would not talk of their experiences, but at the same time we all need to remember those times…my generation has basically forgotten.


Do you eat rats in your daily basis? Stupid idea kid :face_with_monocle:

So our villagers should eat doritos, got it.

I wouldn’t need barns anymore if they provided meat :smiley:

(And before people think Im serious, please notice I put this thread in General Discussion, not Ideas and Feedback)


Still probably less than 100kg of rats… you need a lot more to replace your cows, my friend! :smiley:
Even if you ate them whole…

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I think I would peel mine at the very least…


Of course, we need hides too!


Yo, RimWorld is that way. →

But I imagine rats aren’t eaten much because they’re a rodent type, which, among other things, tend to not be a lot of meat on the bone. Capybara may be one of the more popular ones since they’re quite big.

Fishy. Your rat catcher must have released the rat right after she caught it, instead of actually killing it. Probably there was only 1 rat in your town all the time.

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There is 0 game reasons to let your fields “rest.” I’ve never had to do it to make sufficient food on any map in any climate including arid. I think this is one of those true farming techniques that wasn’t integrated into the game play. I usually till 1 time every 3 years and plant clover 1-2x every 3 years. All other crops are food producing or flax, never repeating the same crop type, and organizing type of crop to the soil condition of that field.

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The resting isn’t actually for the framing it is for fodder regrowth for the barns

I can imagine our settlers cooking RATatouille… yummmmm

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Rats are a scavenging omnivores: them kinds of animals almost never taste good, which is one (of many) reasons why humans aren’t good meat sources either - along with possums, raccoons, buzzards, politicians, etc.


I am NOT speaking from experience here… but I heard tell that human is some of the best meat because of it’s higher salt content… just saying :smiley:

As a historian, I can tell you that long-term cannibalism is almost always suicidal because any parasites, diseases, etc that the meal had you are bound to catch. In almost every confirmed case of historical cannibalism it was Ritual and involved only eating some part of the body, like the heart, or a ritual taste, not any mainstay of the diet.

Or, of course, it could be Political, like the famous Colorado frontier case where a man ate 5 out of the 6 Democrats in the county . . .

Better yet, why not turning them into compost?