Why don't people like dire bear?

I never see it used. isn’t the -30% armor debuff good?

Everyone builds Physical either primarily around converted damage (which ignores armour) or big globs of it (which aren’t effected heavily by it). Maul might be good on builds that are forced to work with small, fractured amounts of Physical damage like EoR I suppose but I haven’t seen anyone rebuild it recently. Same thought for Physical pets as they lack conversion options and deal small but frequent hits (and would enjoy the ADCtH).

The only build I can think of that uses Maul is critt’s Paladin:


Here are some of my builds that uses Dire Bear

Here is a build by RektByProtoss who uses it [] [HC] Leviathan Deathknight - 2h physical Cadence (sr65+, cr170, Mog, L, vids)


https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKojGpN I use it with my 2H Cadence Warlord(Similar setup with Leviathan DK but it’s just Warlord :slight_smile: ) . It works fine. Why? My thought was it helps to improve basic attacks before Cadence discharge.

Before that I tried with 2 other Physical DW builds. One had a lot of converted physical damage and the other was totally physical build though Bear didn’t affect anything in both builds.

I believe most monster doesn’t have that much armor to let Bear make wonders. Although the heal also not quite dependable. If it had some weapon damage, binding it to a pseudo-pet could compensate lack of heal. But constellation itself has good stats so people only use it if they have extra devotion points.


huh thanks guys.

I was about to argue otherwise. The individual nodes are the big turn-off for me from taking Dire Bear, with them offering middling defenses for a 5/5 Blue/Purple investment. Dire Bear looks like a T1 constellation, save for its heightened % Damage (90% vs 39% for Physical T1’s; though some magical T2’s grant as much as 130%).

DB hasn’t been in a good spot ever since it lost the Attack Speed node. Flat Armor and some easily-acquirable CC res is not much of a replacement. Lack of % Weapon Damage also makes scaling the proc’s damage relative to the T1 Bull Rush (which also has a lower cooldown) more difficult too.