Why is Frozen Heart so rare?

I started a fresh character and now I’ve reached Ultimate only to find out I have ZERO Frozen Hearts. I did spent it for Shrines Restoration and crafted 1 Ranger’s relic. That’s all. I have 2 Arcane lens and 5 Dread skulls, 3 Chains of Oleron and no frozen hearts. Crate could you please make that component drop from other monsters besides sliths. Currently it is super rare and its very important for crafting and restoring shrines

I don’t have a whole lot, but I’ve always had one when i needed one. Go farm Hargraves Lab I guess.

You can always farm your ex for a big one

It also drops from others, though very rarely indeed. Just yesterday I got one from a mob in the fields area south west of Homestead (Vet, normal, I was lvl 49, mobs were 48 to 52).

I’ve griped about this before, but to no avail.

It really is depressing getting to that first Frozen Heart requirement shrine as you try and maintain a steady playthrough, and have to go back and farm the shit out of sliths (since after completing all of Act 1’s map, I only had one single PIECE of a frozen heart).

Their drop rate needs to be about 40% more. …unless you mind duping and MODing.

Just to prove what I have said, here’s a screen of me atm in Broken Hills at level 51 in Normal Vet. The mob was a lvl 41 or 42 (I don’t remember it) gold star harpy:


And where i farm it? here

Just take about 30 min to get 4 complete FH

I’ve got 107 currently. I never had problems with it. Chipped Claw, on the other hand… I farmed and spend several hundreds, and I always want MORE.

I was happy when devs announced they increased the drop rate of CC, KSS and Ectoplasm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that much, at least for CC. KSS increase is noticable though. Ectoplasm… I don’t care that much about it anymore. I made quite enough Arcane Sparks, and I still have about 150 left.

They don’t seem to be so rare anymore. Unless the frozen heart moons are in alignment for me today or something. I’ve got frozen hearts dropping constantly.

There was a small patch today, though. Maybe the drop rate was increased for them as well. I haven’t checked patch notes yet.

I used to have no frozen heart issues because I never, ever used them, other than for shrines ofc, but now that they’re used to craft some of the new components I’m all out and can’t seem to farm any, at all. I’ll keep killing slith though, anybody know of any other good spots to farm them?

Strangely, I can’t find anybody who sells them, either. I don’t mind farming them but 0% success rate so far on that.

frozen hearts are ridiculous, i have a weird (and probably inaccurate) theory that they have a lower chance to drop from sliths on ultimate. one time i needed to farm 9 pieces for 3 full hearts, and it took me over an hour of farming foggy bank. i literally had a higher drop rate of legendaries than frozen hearts (10 by the time i got my 9th heart drop).

They drop from AoM aetherials.

I’ve found plenty of Frozen Hearts, Devil Touched ammo on the other hand is as rare as rocking horse poop.

You can get a plenty of all rare components by dismantling legendaries. Just farm crucible for a while and dismantle all trash purple loot.

man, my post was 1.5 years ago ) many things have changed since then

Ha, just got my first frozen heart in a day and a half by killing an aetherial terraformer in plains of strife while leveling a character. Thanks for info.

Ah yes, frozen hearts are still the problem for <30lvl characters. If you craft that badge medal that requires frozen heart you will be screwed. Just started a fresh character and have been farming for them for an hour in slith locations - only 2/3. I even got Ectoplasm and tons of Chipped Claws lol ) Plz buff their droprate for low level characters plz.

Do Frozen Hearts drop from Cold Ones at all?

Just did a full clear of all aetherial vanguards from malmouth outskirts to fleshworks and got 2 frozen heart pieces…sheesh.

I ended up also farming fabius/iron maiden/mooseiluake, cleared out everything after lone watch too, and did my normal ugdenbloom run, total loot for the entire 2+ hours:

3 frozen heart pieces
3 blueprints

Admittedly this is a small sample size, I’ll try to do some more and actually count each component that I get.