Why is Grim Dawn so boring

I am forcing them to play Grim Dawn.
Launch the game right now, or else…


It’s simple, it doesn’t have the addicting casino that PoE has. I find it weird that you somehow don’t get bored from TQ which is very similar to GD.

That’s cause I refrained from posting. Was this close :pinching_hand: to clicking a submit button I might have regretted later. Then again, I suddenly see myself writing right now so I guess that win didn’t last.

The latter is what you very much didn’t do. Let’s see your criticisms:

“There’s nothing to do in this game”: there’s objectively more to do in this game than in any entry of the Diablo franchise, or Sacred, or Titan Quest. Yet those didn’t bore you somehow.

“Loot system sucks”: that’s a statement, not a criticism. What sucks about it? How is it worse than the loot system of any of the games you’ve listed? The system is the same as Titan Quest’s except VASTLY improved and expanded beyond what TQ could have dreamed of (or what THQ Nordic could shit into it). Sacred’s loot system was so bad I don’t even know where to start on it. Actually I do: the item names, with all their prefixes and suffixes actually told you nothing about what the item does. You could find 4 Chrysopras of Agility and they’d each do something entirely different. PoE does have a very intricate item system, shame you have to trade to see most of it cause SSF is horrible in that game. Diablo 3, for a game where literally all of the character power comes from gear, had possibly the shallowest itemisation I’ve seen in an ARPG cause literally all items were just generic stat sticks with no identity and completely interchangeable affixes, the only thing that mattered was if the item was green or had a legendary power (what are magic and rare items anyway, right? just materials that take more space, apparently). The fact that you could just shred an item in the cube and use it for just the power said all that needed to be said for that item system. Each item had like one line of text you actually cared about, whereas in GD you can look at an item and you’re likely to find several builds using it and many of them will be using it for different reasons. One for the item modifiers, one for the skill bonuses, one for the resists, one for the OA/DA or health it has on it, one cause the item has a proc that build wants, one cause the item has a global conversion. Show me another game from your list that comes anywhere near the variety of uses for items that GD has.

“There’s no real endgame”: weird then that we have players that perfect the levelling process just so they can get to the endgame faster. Considering there apparently isn’t any. If that’s the case, where’s the same complaint about Sacred, or D1, or D2, or Titan Quest that essentially have no endgame at all? Are you telling me GD’s Shattered Realm and Crucible and Superbosses is somehow inferior to D3’s gem levelling and paragon grinding hamster wheel, where you literally progress to higher rifts so that you can get a 1 lvl increase on your gems and your augments and grind more paragon levels so you can do it all over again? Cause if so I dunno what to tell you. Maybe, develop a taste?

I find it hard to empathise with your feeling of boredom in a game that’s way faster in terms of combat than Sacred with its demented cooldown system ever was, or TQ with its predictable mob spawn pattern and large empty areas with lots of running ever was. Or how about that PoE, where the majority of your gameplay is just stacking one skill to the stratosphere so that you can then oneclick entire screens, completely erasing any semblance of enemy variety or strategic combat? I’m sure running at 200 % movement speed and killing the same generic XP pinatas from the other side of the screen IN MELEE doesn’t get dull after a few hours (that’s why I quit that game btw). Meanwhile in GD you have actual tactical combat where you need to watch your positioning and cooldowns and enemy abilities and attacks and keep an eye on the map so you don’t aggro a Nemesis you wanted to avoid.

Honestly I’m not sure what you expect to achieve by asking OTHER PEOPLE why YOU find the game boring. Isn’t that something you, with a little bit of introspection, should be able to pinpoint yourself? Like you said, you’re an ARPG veteran. You have a vast basis of comparison. If I can lay out for you in so many words why I find all of the ARPGs you listed inferior to GD, why can’t you figure out why you liked those games better than you do this one?

This took all the restraint I have so I’m gonna bow out now.


People sure fed this troll well… :rofl:

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Yeah that’s probably it, PoE is too addictive (although I quit it coz some recent leagues aren’t that good anymore, and overall game’s direction has changed in recent couple of years).
Titan Quest is less boring than GD, all ARPGs are repeteative and boring tbh, since in the endgame you are basically spamming maps/rifts/realms/bosses and so on, like it’s common fact. But in TQ there are few activities too, loot pool isn’t bloated with some shitty nonsense items and leveling to 85 takes ages, so there’s something to do in the game, even Typhon runs aren’t that tedious.

Yeah. but why bother to level up to 85 if you’ve completed all the game’s difficulties? To me that would be boring. I’ve beaten the game, job done, on to a new character or a new game.

I’m sure running (crawling) around with some retarded 135% MS cap and killing the same generic Chtonians/Aether creatures/bandits, spamming autoattack, or no CD spell, or playing piano with various spells, and then looting 20 trash green items & some crappy lvl 94 pink item, is a lot of fun.

I clearly remember when people were criticizing this game since early access times (I bought GD in 2014, just some fact), and dev team ignored it all and swept it under the rug. Even back in these days some big streamers were playing it and calling it “boring”, in fact many builds are nerfed since then and devs just added crucible & SR… in game with no ladder, no trading, no seasons, no motivation to farm since you hit 100 (unless you love jerking off the same mobs over and over again for some specific 4 piece set or idk).

Game that I have listed in OP post and you mentioted too, they have something unique behind them. D2/TQ have some great itemization options, compared to GD, and they are “OG” arpgs. D3/PoE have that high octane zoom zoom gameplay, and PoE has SHIT TON things to do in there.
What’s so unique about GD, besides it’s convoluted mechanics and cheap rifts/endless modes ripoff, or PoE ripoff (if talking about league)? What’s the point of even leveling there, or hitting endgame?

Same with GD, but leveling is even more boring in GD, and items suck in general lol. Theorycrafting is great in GD, I’ll give it that.

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Wait a minute, i killed you already in Barrowholm. Choo, Choo, go back to whatever hole you went to after i killed you. Damn cannibals can’t even stay dead these days.

It is fun, you are correct.


I played PoE for years and I can say that I don’t miss the P2W beast that it was evolving into a few years back. Granted that was PoE’s financial model …and it comes with good and bad.

While the leagues were exciting with prizes and a nice competition, the item [real] black-market was insane. So many did and still make their income from that. Starting from scratch and speed running became the draw for a large portion of the crew. Also the need for a team effort at higher level maps has been more-or-less phased out during the last years. And then there was the whole scamming aspect that accompanies a P2W atmosphere.

It might have just been me, but for higher-level maps and characters it was much more time-consuming. Almost like a full-time job, if trading and daily challenges were included.

There are tons of games that emphasize the multiplayer market economy. Some really like that. PoE was also much worse for all the useless crap that dropped.

I enjoy the build diversity (theory-crafting) and casual play of GD. It’s not quite as complicated, but it is fun and certainly less “corrupted” imho. And there are the occasional low-key fan-sponsored leagues if one desired that…

Also, I actually like when an update comes out with some changes that require rethinking and adaption. Keeps it a bit fresh. Although that can’t last forever, as amazing that it has been evolving for so long.

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Why are you even playing them then?

Incorrect, plenty of horrible Epics and Legendaries can be found in the game.

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I worded it poorly. Any ARPG can be “boring” since it all comes to some form of grind. But in other games that grind is rewarding and providing you fun. Unlike in GD, which is just yawn fiesta.

I’ll go one step further, the majority of items in Titan Quest are flat out terrible and unusable. Meaning TQ has nowhere near the build variety GD has.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
LMAO I knew it forum was full of Crate’s fanboys but that’s hilarious
How the hell are items linked to build variety? It’s only the case in mediocre games like D3 or GD, where everything is tied up to your set and/or specific item.
You can still have more or less items for any build in TQ, especially if you’re melee, and GD doesn’t have anything even close to +all skills “universal” iconic items from TQ or D2 (Enigma or Chest of the Overlord, for instance).

Please keep it civil or don’t bother.


Stonebinder’s Cuffs in GD when.
+3 to all skills, what can go wrong? (actually even more valuable in TQ because the hardcap is only 4 levels. Imagine gloves MI in GD that give +7/8 to all skills)

Is this an alt account of the famous Grim Dawn coach? :eyes:

Every arpg has that though.

Ah yes, Enigma, the runeword that made everyone become a Sorc ( and how is this somehow not tied to itemisation?). Chest of the Overlord is outdated as well, plenty of vanilla items in fact are, due to Ragnarok/Atlantis/Eternal Embers items coming out( which a lot of them are overloaded with stats).

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Just thinking the exact same thing actually.

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The fact that you even ask this just tells me where your mentality is.

I’ll say this: i have over 100 builds in Grim Dawn (and there’s a ton more i want to make), a large chunk with mix and match items. I barely have a fifth of that in Titan Quest because the large majority of epics and legendaries are terrible, meaning only a minority are actually usable. So there’s a ton of overlap between builds that focus on entirely different damage types. Meanwhile in Grim Dawn i have Fire builds with less overlap in items than half of my builds in Titan Quest.