Why is Grim Dawn so boring

Like fr, every time I’m launching it I’m forcing myself to play it until next portal or lvl up and I’m closing it after that with a severe relief. There’s nothing to do in this game really, loot system sucks, leveling is too fast and there’s no real endgame, just endless solo grind for the sake of grinding. Custom league is just some cheap PoE rip-off with pseudo-essenses and spheres, and it’s just as boring as main game is.
I’m ARPG veteran, have played D1-2-3, Sacred, Torchlight 2, Titan Quest, PoE for years, maybe some other games from genre, but never had this “boredom” issue. Why?

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No idea. Maybe it’s just not the game for you. As for endgame have you tried the Shattered Realm (Forgotten Gods expansion content) or the Crucible (battle arena add on)?

Hey yeah, I have few lvl 100 characters and yeah it’s tedious to run either of these mods.

Are there any plans to release GD2, which will be… you know… not like GD1?

The game is simply not for you. No reason to force it and certainly there is no cosmic law saying you must play every arpg.

As for gd2, not soon.

Nope, not atm. Crate are focused on their other projects: Farthest Frontier, their town building game, went into early access back in August.

They working on a new generation of their game engine which will be used for the RTS game under development which will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era. They also have a horror survival game under development and continue to support GD with balance patches.

I’m surprised you find the game boring since you said you played TQ. Did you find that boring as well?

Lol just stop playing the game then, no one is forcing you to do it.

In Grim Dawn? If so, you have a few level 100 characters and yet you find the game boring? Getting to level 100 still takes a little while, so why would you play a game you find boring for that long is beyond me.

Me personally i wouldn’t waste that much time playing a game i find boring, specially to the point of making a thread on the forum of the same game to tell it’s boring. Usually i just stop playing and move on.


I also doubt that any GD2 wouldn’t be similar in many respects to GD1. Why wouldn’t it? There are possible storylines to pursue and while things like the graphics, etc, might be more “modern” I would think the basic gameplay would be pretty similar. Whether they’d keep things like the 3 difficulties, etc, idk, but we’ll find out if/when they get around to making it.

I, and i’m gonna assume many others here, hope that GD2 is in line with GD1 but with several QoL and new interesting mechanics.

Nah TQ is like Diablo 2, outdated but fun.

Yet, GD uses the same game engine - much modified and improved over the years - and Medierra, founder of Crate Entertainment, was Lead Game Designer on TQ/IT original version.

Props to the community (or more the 45 viewers so far) for not spilling buckets of sh** ontop such a …provoking thread! Sure a rare thing.

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Honestly like others have said no one is forcing you to play; I don’t get the point of making a thread on the official forum just to complain and tell everyone that it’s a boring game.

If it’s boring go play something else, idk what you want? People to agree with you? Yeah right , not here that’s for sure.

What’s so provoking about it? Calling the game boring and saying come criticism points? Or it’s some small fan boys’ hugbox?

So why does Grim Dawn suck then

No comment - I wouldn’t find words as friendly as you already heared.

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Not gonna get an answer here because you came asking why the game is boring to the forum of the game where the majority loves the game.

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I couldn’t tell you. You obviously find it is. I have 7k hours in the game and haven’t had one boring moment. Just different games for different people I guess.


Hard to say, that’s an extremely subjective statement. I’m not sure how anyone could answer that for you. You’d have to dig down to why it’s boring to You. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering you think the custom league is a “cheap PoE rip-off”, I get the impression you prefer PoE.
Perhaps what appeals to you is their intense focus on seasonal endgame systems and the much faster clearing pace of builds.

And based on this, it seems you need the multiplayer community aspect (ie. leagues) to feel like your time is worth spending.

I mean, how is PoE’s endgame not grinding for the sake of grind? You increase numbers so you can do bigger numbers faster. That’s kind of the essence of ARPGs. The difference is that in PoE you can more readily compare to others through the leagues.

Perhaps I am wrong and this is not how you feel at all about the two games, but you didn’t give much to work with! :slight_smile:

That one’s gonna be hard for me to explain. What about the system sucks in Grim Dawn?


TBH, you’re not hardcore unless you push through the boredom.

Or the OP could go play another game for awhile. Sounds like they are burned out on GD.

Almost as boring as this troll attempt ~~~