Why this skill increase AAR energy cost? help!

Very strange, before i learn this , my AAR cost 567 energy per second
after i learn this, my AAR cost over 600

what is the problem? should i learn this?:confused::confused:


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because you cast it at a higher rate, Mental Alacrity also gives you casting speed increase

so Casting Speed can boost AAR attack speed?

I have another question about AAR, will the thing like ‘XX% damage convert to health’ apply to AAR?:o

yes you cast ARR. Also cooldown reduction will increase how fast you cast it.

no it will not since AAR has no weapon damage in it.

CDR has no effect on AAR dmg output.
Its possible to leech with AAR with equiped Conduit that provide 18% WD to AAR, but the value is extremely low.

so the 0.3 sec skill recharge at base is not lowered to 0.2 sec with 33% cdr and thus give more casts/second = more dps?

No that’s what cast speed does does. Cooldown only reduces the time to activate the skill, once it’s channeling cdr does nothing, cast speed increases the tic rate

  1. CDR can decrease windup from 0.3s to 0.2s meaning it takes 0.1s less from clicking RMB to shooting AAR! If you already tried all the other ways to improve AAR don’t be shy and grab that CDR too :smiley:

  2. IMO conduit is still BiS even with the weaselly 18%wd. In terms of life leech it’s more or less like another flame torrent (when fighting a single enemy).

This is wrong. The cooldown is the time between casting the spell and casting it again, so CDR only affects how often you can click the AAR button; this is all but useless because you are (or should be) holding down your AAR button for much longer than 0.3 seconds at a time.

so which may improve AAR DPS? CDR or cast time?

what is RMB by the way? I am new here around;)

RMB = Right Mouse Button. LMB, well I’ll leave you to work that one out. :wink:

Lovely mouse button??

No, Lower Mouse Button. Kinda hard to press sense its under the mouse - but all the pro gamers are using it.

Yeah, that’s what I said: wind-up. I know it’s useless. Apparently, so are my attempts at sacrasm. :smiley:

But so is trying to make AAR work in the first place. The only thing that works with AAR is maxing devastation and hoping you have enough energy left to cast it.

Cast speed.

You are all wrong n00bs, it is the long mouse button

AAR DPS only scales with cast speed. Cool down won’t affect its DPS in the slightest*

*except for reducing the 0.3 sec window after you stop channeling before you can resume channeling. It doesn’t help the beam tick faster (that’s cast speed) or ‘wind up’ faster - which IDK what the hell they were talking about there

I wonder if they remove the cap on max cast speed for AAR and let it hit 10+ times per second fix this spell… probably not

AAR energy cost is per second and not per tic which means mental alacrity can only reduce energy cost of AAR as casting speed does not increase energy consumption. Something else is the cause of the energy cost increase you are experiencing.

casting speed improves AAR dps

EDIT: AAR max energy cost per second is supposed to be 475. if it is going higher then this must be an error (unless grimtools is wrong?)?

It’s only displayed as /second on the skill description (as with all similar skills) but it costs mana every time it tics, thus cast speed is increasing the mana per second value.

On the other hand, -% energy cost is not calculated in the skill description (but it works regardless) so mental alcrity seems to increas ARR’s mana cost but it actually decreases it (on a per tic basis).

So you can calculate the actual energy/sec for ARR by looking up your summed up -% energy cost reduction on the second tab of the character screen and apply it to the the energy/sec value in the ARR skill description.

PS: I’m sure most of the others meant exectly this, i just wanted to try to explain it a bit more detailed way to avoid further confusion.


Grimtools can’t even calculate your cast speed into it, your in game mana/sec would be much higher than that.