Why was the merchandise from challenge dungeon merchants nerfed?

I went through the patch notes but couldn’t see anything about it.

I purchased a lot of Rare Obsidian Bulwark’s from the merchants before etc. But now he barely sells anything.

Due to the bug most of these drop with no affixes so there’s no opportunity to farm them either.

No mention in the patchnotes, probably another bug.

Common versions of Monster Infrequents have been removed from the loot pool. As some of these items had unique appearances, a special vendor has been added to Fort Ikon that sells various common Monster Infrequents without affixes for collectors and the Illusionist.

Maybe this? Explains why they don’t sell yellow rarity MIs.

It seems to me like their inventory has been pretty small (1-2 of each base maybe… but hardly any bone spikes ever, grr) since AoM was released.

They used to sell mostly the common variants. Now they only sell the rares, but less items overall.

I guess the shield got axed accidentally when they got updated.

But they used to sell many copies of rares. They only get one of each now which is kind of a bummer. Now have to reroll the game over and over if I need rares for crafting. Exit/restart = content ;)?

Visited the dude in blood grove today. He offered mainly white weapons.