Why won't my soldiers arm?

My barracks are all giving me messages they need weapons, and they are all dressed in hides. I have tons of weapons in my supply, but they wont get them. What am I doing wrong please?

Can you build something which keeps weapons stored there close to your barracks, then go to your other buildings and untick the boxes (upper left corner) which have weapons and armour in their lists? If you are making these they should go to your storage area, if you are buying these they may not leave your trading post.

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I found a way to fix it, but it wrecks again as soon as you set a rallying point for the soldiers. There seems to be no way to “unrally” them. One rallied they don’t seek weapons. The way I got it to work was to move the barracks and then reload everyone before rallying them. I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

As Zantai said in your bug report thread, use the Return to Barracks command. Then they’ll return to their barracks and do whatever they need to do to get weapons/gear/etc.