Wildblood set feedback

I think almost every set in the game has some sort of utility right now but what Wildblood offers tends to be outclassed by another set.

1) Jack of few trades, master of none
The set tries to mix both Bleed and Vitality and also offers some melee capabilities. The weapon itself is good but there’s no incentive to use the rest of the set.

The set as a whole allows you to use Grasping Vines as a Vitality skill with good sustainability and Weapon Damage bonuses, but every time you’re casting Swarm and Vines, you’re not swinging your weapon which leads to a major damage loss.

2) Few skill bonuses and undesirable full set bonus
For taking up both hands and the belt slot, slots which typically hold many class bonuses, the full set does not return a bonus befitting such an investment.
The set bonuses are also wholly offensive but lack some core stats such as RR.

Proposed solutions:
1) Improve the set’s identity
Leaving the weapon stats as is so it fits both a caster and fighter role is fine, but I think the full set should be narrowed down to either caster or fighter.

In the case of fighter, it could have bonuses to Feral Hunger (extra WD/crit, flat Vit damage) or boost Wendigo Totem (improved heal, additional bonuses while totem is up).
If the Vines bonuses stay, it should offer something such as RR or OA/DA debuffs to give fighter builds a reason to cast it before swinging the weapon.

For a caster theme, it should have some RR or significant damage bonuses to be a competitive alternative to established Vit/Bleed 1h items.

2) Pad the set bonuses
To mitigate the skill point drain, the set could use a +1 to Shaman skills in the full set bonus. The 2 set bonus is missing its partner stats of Vitality/Decay % bonuses for some reason as well.

It would be nice if the non-Mythical proc made a return in some way that added some defensive stats too. I could see something such as a temporary 20% life buff fit in such a proc.
Having the Vit/Bleed % damage bonuses return would mitigate some of the weaknesses of using this damage type combo, since several items slots (medal, component) don’t support it well, or give the wrong skill bonuses.

I personally like the full set 40% WD bonus to Grasping Vines. Overall, nice set, but actually would need some + to shaman. I’d guess, getting rid of +2 to grasping vines and devouring swarm and adding +2 to all in shaman to the 3/3 bonus would be a good idea. The mantle is just trash, in my opinion. It doesn’t provide anything tbh.

I like the idea of fighter/caster item set, you can go for both, caster fighter or just one of those. You can mix it with Blood Knight set or Valguur’s, for a nice vitality and bleed damage (of course you can’t have a full set by that, but still).

The biggest issue with this set is the lack of bonus skill points. You can gain some if you focus on them, but then it’d be kind of hard to get an effective setup. If you desire so, you can go for Beronath amulet and Ravager’s hat, getting +2 to all skills, but then you kind of miss other stuff like e.g. Blood Knight’s amulet if you go for this set as an addition.

I like Grasping Vines, this skill is decently strong, and nicely upgraded (via this set) can be a good weapon.

TLDR; buff shoulders, add + to shaman bonus, at least.

A +2 class bonus is something that’s only found on 5 piece sets (although on the 4 piece bonus), putting it here would break something somewhere I feel.

+2 can be found on a lot of 2 handers.
I`d like to see +1 to Shaman and Necro on the mace. It would became a okaysh 2H autoatacker with some casting support.

I believe the weapon is the only decent part of this set. As you guys mentioned, the set desperately lacks +skills. Also, by using the shoulder slot, it disallows combining it with Bloodrager or Blood Knights sets.

I mean, we could say the same about Shar’Zul’s Worldeater then. It has +1 to soldier and +2 to demolitionist, and the most any two handed weapon gives is +2 to one class or +1 to two classes. So that doesn’t really mean anything, tbh, but I understand your point of view.

Bumping this. Wildblood Crusher got +2 shaman skills but I think its carrying the set, whereas the Grasping Vines aspect of the set is still lackluster no?

As one of the few builders who is utilizing the whole set for the medium-tire build (9 minute Crucible clear time) which is a caster Phantasmal Blades Trickster, I think set does lack identity. Set bonus to Grasping Vines is fine on a caster, weapon itself is pretty sick, but whole set is rarely used. If you want to use this set for Vitality Bone Harvest, there is a Vitality Scythe that rolls up to 19% cdr (don’t remeber it’s name). If you want to go melee with this set, you have to use a weapon + full Blood Knight.

If Crate makes it into a Trickster Phantasmal Blades set I will be more than happy of course :wink:

I hope youre joking. Grasping vines stacks , resulting in 200%+WD with conduit mode twice per second on half-screen. Not counting procs and autoatacks.

Did not know that. I’ll retest since I haven’t played it post set buffs. Just remember it feeling weak. Can I see your build?


There’s also the Winter King sword (2 Nightblade/ 1 Shaman), Vortex of Souls (2 Arcanist/Necro), Hellborne (2 Inq/Demo) and probably others. +2 to one master isn’t really the most a 2H weapon can give, though all of the above aren’t parts of sets either.