Will conversion on item-granted skill modifiers affect other nodes in the same skill line?

For example, will the 100% fire to vit conversion to fire strike for the demo’s conduit also affect the burn damage from exploding strike?

Yes it does

Oh wow. Is it? Then item modifier is actually stronger than skill transmuter itself? Because transmuter usually only affect the main effect skill only.

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Are you sure? I was under the impression they affected the whole line. Eg. skyfire grenado would also convert shattering blast trauma to electrocute damage.

Don’t item skill modifiers function exactly like transmuters?

@Livan: That is correct.

AFAIK, item grant skill modifiers (IGSM) occur at the same conversion level as transmuters, meaning that they affect all subsequent skill nodes.

If you stack 2 different kinds of conversion, I’m pretty sure they enter a weighted pool.

For example, I have:

  1. M. blood sigil medal, and give BWC a 100% fire --> chaos conversion (I think it’s actually 70%, but let’s assume 100% for ez math)
  2. Conduit of destructive whispers for 100% fire --> vit conversion on BWC.

What happens is as such:
(100% fire to chaos conv) + (100% fire to vit conv) = Total weighted pool of 200%

Fire damage from BWC will therefore be split 50-50 (i.e. 100% divided by total pool of 200%) into chaos and vit.

The interesting thing is that ALL burn damage will instead be converted to vit decay.

I could be wrong here. But this is my understanding of how things work.

Common answer is YES, but for Explosive Strike and some other skill modifiers it’s NOPE.

What are these other skill modifiers korsar?

  • Deadly momentum
  • Ulzuin’s wrath
  • Explosive strike
  • Vile eruption
  • Nightfall
  • Lethal assault
  • Torrent
  • Lighting tether
  • Four eraption
  • Spectral wrath
  • Soul harvest

Hmm. Most of these skills provide global flat bonus damage. E.g. lethal assault, deadly momentum, etc.

Surprised to see ES on that list.

Thanks for the info korsar. :slight_smile:

Hi korsar, is that all of them?
So brimstone and static strike is still affected by item and skill transmuter?

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Brimstone HAS to be one of the ‘regular’ ones IMO. Because if it isn’t, the darkblaze set would not be as strong as it is.

So on a related note, how does conversion on Ugdenbog Venom launcher/putrid necklace work? Is is treated as a transmuter (since it’s added to BoD) or a normal conversion (since it converts elemental to acid globally). Am curious if this would turn out additive or multiplicative when combined to radaggan helm for example.

Oh wow. Thanks korsar. This open up my mind for some more possible build.

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It’s transmuter level conversion. You get 90% elemental converted to Acid, then 3% elemental converted to Vitality.

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