Will conversion on item-granted skill modifiers affect other nodes in the same skill line?

Hi korsar, is that all of them?
So brimstone and static strike is still affected by item and skill transmuter?

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Brimstone HAS to be one of the ‘regular’ ones IMO. Because if it isn’t, the darkblaze set would not be as strong as it is.

So on a related note, how does conversion on Ugdenbog Venom launcher/putrid necklace work? Is is treated as a transmuter (since it’s added to BoD) or a normal conversion (since it converts elemental to acid globally). Am curious if this would turn out additive or multiplicative when combined to radaggan helm for example.

Oh wow. Thanks korsar. This open up my mind for some more possible build.

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It’s transmuter level conversion. You get 90% elemental converted to Acid, then 3% elemental converted to Vitality.

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No, He used results of discussion and research of principles converting skill modifiers (if it can be called so)

Sure? otherwise you would still think that unconvertable skill modifiers, quote: absolutely random. :rolleyes:

I was really only joking. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was making a pun out of korsar’s name. (Korsar = Corsair = pirate).

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Thanks! Restarts all damage types rune project

Does that mean when im going to build (for example) a Mythical Leviathan ABB Blademaster it will transform Frostburn to Internal Trauma Damage due to the 100% Conversion into Physical damage, at least for the ABB Skill?

thanks in advance

Hey midas. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

And yes. It would. In addition, any cold damage you get (e.g. lethal assault) would simultaneously be converted to physical damage ONLY WHEN USING ABB.

But I would caution trying to make a physical ABB blademaster work. It’s difficult to get the necessary +points into ABB without sacrificing %bonus physical damage.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

But that would mean that Mythical Leviathan is just useless :smiley:

I love the idea because i like ABB and i enjoy my DW ABB Spellbreaker so much.

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