Will of Rattosh life leech rr?

This seems like an oversight, why does this skill reduce life leech resist when this damage type has been completely removed from all other devotions?

Leech life resist reduction also lowers the resist to ADCTH. Basically ADCTH is the raw damage counterpart of Leech Life.

Life leech resistance hasn’t been removed actually. Life leech - as you knew it until now - was a DoT that checked the life leech resistance of mobs/bosses and gave you hp during it’s application. For example, if you had 100 life leech on your weapon, hit for 100% WD and the boss had 98% life leech resistance, you would get a “massive” 2hp/sec back. This is why life leech (the DoT) was removed…

Life leech resistance reduction is essential for “vampire” builds. You can have 100% ADctH and do shit vs bosses if you can’t reduce their life leech resistance.

It should still affect Attack Damage converted to Health (ADctH, Life Steal)

I did not know this, quite embarassing after all this time :o

I learned about that during the beta testing of the expansion. I even asked the same question you asked in your first post of this thread.