Will Sleep cc effects ever actually be relevant?

I love the idea of a Sleep effect, but I’m super disappointed that it doesn’t appear to even actually be a thing in this game despite misleading skill descriptions and cc resistance stat.

Will this ever actually be implemented in a way that has any significant or recognizable impact on the game? If not, why does it even exist?

Nightfall (Nightblade) can put targets to sleep.

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Is this recognizable? Perhaps I’m just not paying close enough attention and not seeing the animation.

More importantly, what other significant sources of the sleep mechanic exist and commonly affect gameplay? (From enemies and skills/gear).

And the main question of the post, are said sources relevant to the game? In other words, does it pay to ensure you have resistance to Sleep crowd control effect covered when tweaking your resistance manifold?

It is, but most of the time you will wake them up with Veil of Shadow’s tick.

Pretty much none.

Characters have 500% sleep resistance just in case IIRC. Don’t know about pets, but I can’t remember any pet player ever mentioning it. I also don’t remember any sources of sleep CC resistance for players or pets.

The main question is whether it HAS to be relevant. The trend is cutting down CC types - e.g. sources of fear and mind control being replaced by confusion in the past.


The other thing worth mentioning is there are very few, close to no sources of sleep resistance currently available to the player that I can find.

Mastery sources that largely provide other CC resistances like Conversion, Vigor, Clarity of Purpose do not have it, there is no presence of it in devotion and no constant source in gear besides Seal of Resonance.

If I had to guess, it’s another carry over from Titan Quest and it’s engine that was never touched upon.

That makes sense. Following that logic, would be nice if Nightfall afflicted enemies with confuse rather than sleep.

I only got sleeping effects when i play as a warlord)

Jokes aside turning enemies into sleep are (IMO) most useless ability in game, even mana burn, that was (sadly) removed from game were more interesting game mechanics then sleep

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