Will there ever be a difference between male and female toons?

I’m trying to convert a hardcore WoW friend lol, and sold her that the females are certainly not sexualized, but she’s watched me play and pointed out what we already know - males and females are 100% identical.

Clearly this saves time and resources, and I totally understand that, but I would assume there are many other girl gamers out there that would at least like to be able to tell their character is female, rather than male with a female voice.

Different armor fits, more options besides boy haircut, or subtle animation changes would do the trick. Don’t necessarily have to add cleavage.

D3 is a great example of classic not-too-sexy presentation for both male and female toons.

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Personally, doesn’t bother me. By the time you’ve got all the equipment on you can’t tell anyway. And yes, I’m a woman - far too old to be called a girl anymore. :wink:

It’s actually very realistic. “Boob armor” certainly never existed yet this trope is everywhere in games. But not in GD and I like that a lot.

No, probably never going to happen

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yes and Conan fights in underwear and boots yet nobody ever complains about that. because male human skin is better armor than female human skin i suppose?

there’s nothing sexist about being able to tell the difference between a male and female character, and to suggest such is just silly. It seems like Androgyny Dawn is here to stay, and that’s fine, I’ll be playing it till they close down; but it’s the first ARPG i’ve seen that uses identical everything for males and females- though I would assume they did it to save dev time and money (and it does save a LOT), rather than make a political statement (gender is a social construct!) :wink:

Yeah, Medierra confirmed that in a closed testing discussion.

I actually like that there’s no difference between the male armor and female armor, because that’s how it works. In real life, having armor be specific for male and another for female would just be much more expensive than just making a single amor that fits both.

I always groan at “boob armor” whenever i see it in games.

I actually don’t even get what you would expect the game to change.
Armor already “fits” differently as the base models are slightly different. Sometimes it looks ridiculous but now we’ve got the Illusionist to mitigate that.

Having more style options for the character would be nice but will almost certainly never be a thing in GD; and who would really care what haircut the character has under his or her helmet? Which also leads to the next point here - that this would in no way be specific to female characters but would be nice to have for both male and female ones.

You actually lose me at “subtle animation changes”.
What’s that even supposed to mean?
Really, I thought about it for a few minutes and couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t be rather ridiculous.

After all, in this game, it’s an apocalyptic dystopia and not a fashion show, the monsters don’t care how enchantingly feminine or ruggedly manly you look.

So is every other dark gritty ARPG/RPG, yet they manage to have different looks for male and female. why is GD the only exception?

even having a long hair option would go a long way, or exaggerating the silhouette just slightly.

or even if all they did was put in a few more cosmetic items that would go along way.

The reason why GD does not have any such thing simply is that Crate always operated on a budget. There’s a million things that could, or even should, be solved in a better way within GD and Crate always chose carefully which features to bring into the game as that had to be financially viable, and even when it meant disappointing lots of players.

Think about what would have to be done to even just modify the armor to better emphasize the sex of the person - it would probably mean that every single armor item in the game would have to be revisited and adjusted accordingly. It wouldn’t be just a task it would be a project. And for what?
Surely, there would be many people who would like that adjustment, but how much would they like it, how important would it be to them?

Ask yourself if the same effort that would be necessary for this cosmetic change could not rather be used for another addition to the game that you would love to see even more. More campaign content, more items, heck, this cosmetic change could probably be so big a project that instead you could even add a revised crafting system to the game, or something like that.

They do look different. They have different model shapes. One can easily tell a male from a female character at the selection screen for instance, no matter the armor. Females are more slender and shapely.

They are considerably different. Look at the picture below. Males are taller and larger than females on GD, not only on the selection screen, but in game too.

Also, it annoys me to play a female char after too long playing a male because it feels like the zoom is wrong or something, when, of course, it’s just my eyes perceiving the difference on model size.

I’m up for more face/hair options, but most of my high level toons use head armor that cover the entire head, so it wouldn’t really make a difference.

I don’t even understand this. They do look different. The reason they look so similar is because that’s just how it is, since they are both humans. Also the short hair helps with the cutscenes, the opening cutscene for example fits both genders.

If you take blizzard games as a measure of this, men and women often look like different species in their games.

LOL they look different in game because you have them in different outfits…

the female model is a slightly morphed male model, it’s the same geometry, rig, animations, etc. and it shows.

Like i said, if GD was not the masterpiece that it is, this would be a bigger deal. but cosmetics matter in games too, so maybe at some point they’ll add content that lets you tell them apart.

ANY other ARPG take your pick. literally any of them in the history of the genre. POE, D3, T2, Sacred, Marvel, and every other one i’ve seen.

And short hair is an art/animation limitation based on design constraints, plenty of other games have long hair :rolleyes:

I guess at the end of the day it would be nice if the human characters in GD were slightly more detailed or customizable. And maybe someday they will be.

And every one of those game is made by a big name studio who has hundreds of employees and can take the time to do such cosmetic changes. Crate started out with 2 people - yeah, just 2 - and is up to a team of 13 now. Which is more important for the success of the game and the survival of the studio? Making a great game or fiddling around with making men and women look a little more different? Personally I take the great game over cosmetic stuff any day. It may be something on their wishlist to do sometime down the line, but with other projects being worked on and players clammering for another GD expansion or GD2 I doubt it’s going to happen any time soon.

Personally, as a woman, I don’t give a damn what my toon looks like. It amazes me how enthusiastic many people are about the illusionist feature.

In the second half of the game, you dont see the skin of your character anyway due to gear. With illusionist, this can be applied all toons thus detailed customization becomes futile.

I think that the problem with this is that in no way should the animations for the female Taken with all that she has seen and experienced and all of the battles she has been through should be ‘daintier’ than the male taken with the same experiences. Both are seasoned warriors and should carry themselves with the same amount of strength.

Oh wow. That’s never been the case for me, I always care what my toon looks like.

And I do LOVE the illusionist feature, even tho it restricts me to making whatever kind of dude I want :wink:

For me, appearance customization becomes nigh pointless when my character is covered in full armor. Specially when there’s no option to remove the helm in the options menu.

You can do themes with it, which I love, like ice or fire, aether etc. super glad they put it in, and you’re right based on the way they designed armor. Instead of M/F we have tall and short.

Still illusionist is awesome I change my toons look every couple days lol.