Wind Devils are retarded/handicapped while pressing pet attack

Whenever I spawn Wind Devil and Wendigo totem and then press on my target to tell my pets to attack it, Wind Devils sometimes go on that target and if they arrive on their destination (on target), they choose to go away. This also happens when they hit someone. If I spam click pet attack, my pets go full retard and don’t listen to it. The only way to make the pets listen to me again is to stop attacking, move my mouse off the monster I want them to attack and re-do everything I did (hover on monster -> pet attack). I had this issue even before, at earlier levels but I just thought it’s me clicking the wrong button/being blind. Nemesis doesn’t have this issue, it behaves like it should.

I often have to run away and wait for another Wind to just simply apply the resistance reduction, otherwise I can dream of killing my enemy if they have high cold resist (I have other RRs, but you know, -35% free RR is not a low amount).

Btw, I just remembered I don’t have such problem on my other character. My Warder’s Wind Devils always listen, no matter what, but on my Trickster they’re just handicapped. I am not sure but it might be Nemesis’ fault.

EDIT: I just realized I didn’t post it in bug report section. Or someone moved this post because I have in my browser history Bugs report section as the last opened site before new topic creation site…

Why are you spamming pet attack?

You can literally hold pet attack and keep your wind devils wherever you wish if that matters, but their erratic movement is otherwise intentional.

I can confirm this. A lot of times where i click on an enemy with the pet attack command, the Wind Devil goes there for a second but then goes away to damage some other nearby enemy.

I have to click the pet attack several times to make him stick to the target i want.

I sometimes spam click if I don’t know if I pressed the appropriate button. I have Wind Devil on button 5, pet attack on 6 and an offensive buff on 7. Therefore, if I already pressed 5, nothing happens, if I press 6, pets attack, but if I press 7 I will just buff myself. Therefore I sometimes spam those three buttons (not looking at my keyboard) and wondering what the F do I press. If I see I deal more damage because of that offensive aura, I know I can move my hand a little bit to the left and press only once. Otherwise I have to run away and look at my keyboard. If I know I have my hand on 6, because I just spawned a Wind, I know I just have to press the button to the right and it still sometimes doesn’t make this fucker I mean glorious tornado attack what I want. Also, if the Devil doesn’t go on the target the first time, it won’t go on it after the next clicks.

Oh, and sometimes I spam click because I am pissed off at this skill not listening. :stuck_out_tongue: