Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

Let me just say, I love Windows 10 Virtual Desktops for sneaky browsing of the GD forum at work.

CTRL+WIN KEY+D to create a new desktop, then CTRL+WIN KEY+LEFT/RIGHT arrow to switch back and forth between desktops when someone walks into your office.

It also works nicely for (pulling yourself out of) GD crashes :smiley:

Oh, nice to know.

Yup, many people that experience crashes often find that they can’t “do” anything to get out of the crash and shut GD down the rest of the way. They often resort to signing out or restarting their computers.

With Win10 you don’t need to do this. Simply switch to a 2nd Virtual Desktop and then bring up Task Manager and shut it down from there.

That’s damn handy :D, can you create the 2nd when required or does it need to exist before the crash happens?

If you don’t have one created prior you would just use your shortcut above to create one, once you do it instantly pulls you to the new desktop. Otherwise if it does already exist just use your other shortcuts to switch between them easily.

Also, for future reference once you switch to the 2nd desktop here is another shortcut for you: Ctrl+Shift+Esc <–this opens Task Manager for you

You may also find this informative:

Click “Show All” to see all Win10 shortcuts.

Very handy indeed, been using that for a while, alt-tab can sometimes switch to a different window. It’s usually only when GD (or whatever game) refuses to give up focus of the monitor that I have problems…trying to navigate the taskmanager with the arrow keys when you cannot see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit, I’ve had that page of shortcuts bookmarked for years…and keep forgetting I’ve got it :smiley: