(WIP) [] SSF Budget Bleed & Chaos Pet Conjurer (SR 65-66)

Legendaries I kinda assume that if someone is lucky as hell if they drop such to look up proper end-game builds to see what items they use :slight_smile: Good epics will be included because I used them.

I think contrary, I have help many newbies on reddit and discord, and to me it seems that they think that any legandary is BiS and instead neglect good greens and epics.

I finished devotion tree, note not 100% as I played in my journal but its one way to get final build devotion map.

Well, there are some legendaries used in end builds that can’t be used by themselves, only in conjunction with others, so while they look powerful, they might gimp your build before you find other needed items.

But other legendaries, on the other hand, can be a straight upgrade to a certain beginner build. I like how Stupid_Dragon does with his guides, you can check it up. It’s really useful to have several potential upgrades for every slot with a brief description of them.

I dont have time to include all items that can be used. I also think the player should use their own judgment. I am kinda against too much hand holding.

i understand that. of course no one expects to have e full list, just a few notorious examples.

The only random drop legendary listed there was fateweaver chest armor.

here and here you can see what i am talking about. also inside the levelling bit, he has sometimes recomendations. his guides are the most comprehensive to me.

Then follow them instead :slight_smile:

he doesn’t have pet conjurers :smiley:


Added gameplay video (first time I played char in weeks so not optimal showcase but still its something) https://vimeo.com/533592336

Gonna write budget item list and then guide is completed. I got side tracked by work and making other chars :slight_smile: Stay tuned for more cheap SSF builds in the near future!

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Will you put in the Weapon, Armors and Relic in the “Items for budget build and how to get them” section? They still show up as WIP. I am fairly new to pets and the game in general, so I am unsure what to got for there. The snapshots use a drop only blue item.

  • Weapon is a random drop.
  • Helmet can be found at Malmouth city by killing Aetherial humans there. Or it can be purchased by the vendor next to Korinia aswell.
  • Vendor can also sell the relic, keep refreshing the game until he sells the blueprint.
  • Gloves are random drop you probably just need resistances or pet stats.
  • Torso and shoulders are sold by Bysmiel faction in Forgotten gods.
  • Rings can be farmed by Karroz or you can also buy them in Bastion of Chaos at the vendor.
  • Boots are random drop ( should be easy to find).
  • Amulet can be farmed by Zarria, the Carver before Darkvale Gate.
  • Belt can be farmed by Lunal’Valgoth inside the chthonic rift in Mourndale.
  • Pants can be farmed by the Guardian of Bysmiel in hidden path.
  • Medal can be farmed by Helion in the mine at Four hills ( not Cronley’s mine, the other one).
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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ulvar hasn’t been on the forum for a while so I don’t think they’ll be updating that info.

Thanks for the explanations!

Best guide of pets ever made. Designed for beginners, detailing what objects to use and where to farm.
not just for advanced players , this type of guide helps people to join the community


This guide is simply the best. i hope you do another for cabalist. for begginers

Oh ancient gods, man, you have my eyes opened. Nobody talking about it, and it is sooooo cool feature.

On subject - great performed guide as always, TY for your job

I am a but lost with one aspect of this. How are you getting the +1 summon on some of the pets? Does that come from reaching max over level or is something else granting that?

No, it’ll be from gear, but that may have changed since the build was made.

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Hello. I’m new to the game. How can I know how many points are put on a certain stat using the grimtools link provided for each level?

Welcome to the forum and to the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

See the levelling guide in the opening post, click on the grimtools link and then hover over the attributes to see how many points are in them.

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