(WIP) [] SSF Budget Bleed & Chaos Pet Conjurer (SR 65-66)

Reserved post 1: For stuff

Thanks in particular to @AlkamosHater, @Maya and @Duskdeep86 for their awesome pet builds!

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Reserved post 2:

Exploration of a budget elemental pet conjurer ala Maya. Maybe one day :slight_smile:

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So I’m not the only one who went wonka mode from TPOM’s opinion that pets had been completely covered by Maya. :joy:

Good luck with your adventure!

Edit: oh right, you’ve finished the char already.

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I only cover pet builds that let you play with one hand while eating ice cream with another :3


Ice cream viable

Mogdrogen builds are too chaotic for me to combine with Ice Cream. I used to go for them back in my Pet Conjurer - Moggy the Puppy! days. But I was less lazy back then :woman_shrugging:

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I did the next logical step and watch people playing lazy pet builds on YouTube.



Nice work. Just curious , have you tried taking Bysmiel Command for the Flat RR and Assasin’s blade instead of Flame Torrent and Fiend?

No because Bysmiel command would require one more active skill to proc. And, we wanna be lazy.

I guess you missed the point of getting a mini version of AlkamosHaters bleed and CHAOS damage pet build.

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When are you going to finish the guide? :slight_smile:

I got buried in work these weeks, that I did not anticipate :confused: I have plenty of time in 2 weeks so I should be able to finish it then.

Is there a particular section you feel like you want me to write first?

Yeah, devotions and itemization. Although devotions i could probably figure out myself following your snapshots, but what items i could consider in different slots would be very helpful, since i have some items stashed already.

Devotions is easy to write, I do that later today.
Itemization is the hardest section to write because I wanna write like where to get each MI etc

Something that would be very useful for me, but usually is not included in any guide, is random items epic or legendaries that would fit the slot very good. Nobody writes about them, because you can’t target farm them, but sometimes they drop randomly and they might be an upgrade, but newbies don’t use them.

Legendaries I kinda assume that if someone is lucky as hell if they drop such to look up proper end-game builds to see what items they use :slight_smile: Good epics will be included because I used them.

I think contrary, I have help many newbies on reddit and discord, and to me it seems that they think that any legandary is BiS and instead neglect good greens and epics.

I finished devotion tree, note not 100% as I played in my journal but its one way to get final build devotion map.

Well, there are some legendaries used in end builds that can’t be used by themselves, only in conjunction with others, so while they look powerful, they might gimp your build before you find other needed items.

But other legendaries, on the other hand, can be a straight upgrade to a certain beginner build. I like how Stupid_Dragon does with his guides, you can check it up. It’s really useful to have several potential upgrades for every slot with a brief description of them.

I dont have time to include all items that can be used. I also think the player should use their own judgment. I am kinda against too much hand holding.

i understand that. of course no one expects to have e full list, just a few notorious examples.

The only random drop legendary listed there was fateweaver chest armor.