wiping a hundred times on Shaper of Flesh

This guy is wayyyyyyyyyy too hard on ultimate difficulty for my noobish Elementalist. Even at level 100 with okay gear and maxed resists (most of em anyway) I pretty much get killed in 3 seconds as I approach the guy. I’ve been running around the room to let the adds despawn before attacking him but it hardly seems to matter, lol

any advice on how to kill this f*cker? Should I take Dryad’s Blessing to reduce bleeds and poison (usually the reason I die)? Maybe try with a 1H and shield?

I looked him up on the database and went over all his attacks. I’m basically banging my head against a wall… :mad:

I like challenges but this is literally insane.

If you post your build as a Grimtools link, you can get more detailed advice than is possible with the little bit of information you gave in your post.

Looks like I need a few more posts before I can link my build. whoops

posting again


here we go

There are quite a few things wrong with the build (at least in my humble opinion that is.)

But not to worry, I’ve made far worse toons than this, and I’m sure we can figure something out.

PM me if you’d like to discuss the reasons why I made the changes I did (i.e. if you’re interested in the mechanics of the game that is).

Admittedly, I’m not the best theorycrafter around, but I’m happy to share what I know.

i. Drop primal bond - it does not stack with stormcaller’s. In fact, drop the pet out of your build altogether.
ii. Given that you don’t have any +1 to all skills, I suggest dropping primal strike altogether and focusing solely on savagery.
iii. Get searing light and flashbang. Fumble is way too good to pass up on.
iv. Raging tempest > Thermite mines for RR.
v. Drop thermite mines, get widow in devotions instead.
vi. Get ghoul as a circuit breaker
vii. Haunted steel is another good backup.

All in all, I think your build suffers from a lack of +skill points, and the fact that you wanted to snag that briarthorn. In addition, your DA was probably the reason why you were getting swatted.

My suggestion using your items:

P.S. I accidentally left in the eye of the storm relic, which is probably BiS for your build. I’ll be happy to craft one for you if you provide me the mats needed for it.

Thank you for this post, I’m finding it to be super helpful and I’m gonna take your advice. The only issue is I don’t have enough iron bits to respec a large portion of my skill tree, lol. I can craft an Eye of the Storm but I don’t have one of the relic recipes for it (it requires a Terror relic, I believe)

I also have yet to find the Living Armor and Sacred Plating recipes… hopefully I discover them soon.

The problem is your non-existing DA. Theoding has about 10% chance to crit you. At least I think you’re talking about him. You’d need about 2600 DA to have any chances vs. him. You only reach 2600 DA when fully buffed, so he will oneshot you no matter what.

IIRC, Rhowan’s Crown “Elemental Storm” does not stack with Wind Devil. Those devotion points would be better spent elsewhere.

Assuming no changes to the game have been made since it was developed, you can check out how resistances work at the following link: http://i.imgur.com/nkmlaHA.png

Well I managed to kill him but it took several tries. It would really help if I had recipes for these components that add health and %DA / OA, like Living Armor or Runebound Topaz. Not much I can do about that. Going to change my devotion setup though according to what Spanksalot posted

They stack now. Wind devil is -% and elemental storm is -flat.

Cool, didn’t notice the change. It’s been awhile since I last played.

I’m wondering if it’s really safe to drop the Giant’s Blood power as well as Wayward Soul? That stuff keeps me alive in a lot of other scenarios, and Wayward soul adds DA. I like the prospect of adding Spear of the Heavens and picking up DA elsewhere but I think Giant’s Blood is nice to have.

According to the changes @spanksalot posted it would take a crazy amount of iron bits to re-spec, I did pick up Flashbang, getting rid of Thermite but I have too many points in Primal Strike already so I might as well keep them. If I farm enough iron I can get rid of the briar pet line though and put those points elsewhere.

Maybe I should make another thread, this isn’t really about the Shaper anymore, lol

cough cough 80%+ aether resistance cough cough 2700+da cough cough good job :+1:t2:

It does stack, mate.

X RR stacks with -X% RR. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Whoopsies. Just saw the other comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

With Ghoul and haunted steel you have a standard 12% lifesteal. Both Searing light from flashbangs + Blast shield are insane at reducing the damage you take. Just make sure to reapply searing light every 5sec. Ghoulish hunger proc and bloodthirster active are there for dire situations.

I feel your pain…my Blademaster needs 10k iron per skill point :smiley:

Couldn’t have phrased it better myself. Thanks Livan!

P.S. I hate behemoth. It has subpar nodes at best, and HP regen is too unreliable a means of defense. In addition, you often have both wayward soul and giant’s blood proc-ing simultaneously - thereby negating their efficacy.