Wishing my best for next FG release plus you are lucky - right in time to do it - feedback


Played Grim Dawn for a grand total of ~2 characters level 100 + a lot of grind on bosses, few crucibles;

  • Mobility was a terrible issue but seems you are trying to fix it, reasonably
  • Lack of AOE effects (i know it’s probably hard thing to balance ?)
  • Sometimes too much effects on screen (not a major issue).
  • Collecting good items is really a pain (have to create characters like “belts” and to buy them items slots (dunno if you figured out a solution since)

Anyway, this game is definitely good and i’m sure to try next FG.
Plus this is absolutely the right time for your guys to release it:

  • POE catastrophic league (maybe the worst of all times)
  • In 2 weeks, aka 1 month old league, is a low pike where many people are usually quitting the league too.

So that’s it, i hope your game will get the extra layer of success it deserve.

Regards, sincerely,