Witch hunter build - need suggestions/opinions

hello there. so this is my first char and my first build
since i am not aware of all of game’s mechanics i would like to hear some opinions
its completely my build, i am literally doing everything out of my ass xD


i had in mind a tankish poison/acid/vitality caster
so im going for the acid resistance reduction and shadow dance

edit: i also noticed i have recipes for 3-4 different kind of runes (?) they seem to me they all have active rush skill or something like that. should i craft one of those?


What content of the game do you own? I got some tips but i wonder what is available to you.

what dlc etc

i own all DLCs
(arent these all? http://prntscr.com/qnwdrx )

ok, well so you got quite some time to go to level 100.

My tips:

  • pick 1 damage type like for example acid poison(they are both acid where poison is the damage over time effect from acid) to focus on.
  • then try to pick gear that has % of that damage type on it.
  • In your case the reputation vendors (yellow moneybags) might sell some good greens to wear
  • YES GREENS. Greens in many cases have more what you need than an epic or even a legendary item
  • Build, well pick your skills with the damage type you have so think about which skills have synergy with the chosen damage type.
  • Devotions, we will get to this after you made some choices.

ok first make these choices before you can actually start building because right now i can’t see any item that actually supports 1 damage type.

hm ok i usually dont even check greens :stuck_out_tongue:
but for example boots and off hand have this insane skill that help me survive so much
isnt it worth keeping those?

say you go acid the boots and the belt and maybe the chest are allright. For example the offhand: it has a 120 second cooldown. So for three seconds you will get away with your mistake and what after that? If you rely on this then there is just some other things you can do to avoid getting into this situation in the first place. You in ultimate btw?

btw you will use legendaries that are talored to your build later but for now greens are just to level. until you find stuff you really need

i’m playing on elite now. finished main story + ashes of malmouth on normal and got kinda bored, switched to elite

ok yeah i would hang around elite for a bit before going to ultimate to sort out your build first. So these vendors you earn respect by killing certain monster types and then you can buy stuff. For example the rovers have this nice green poison weapon. I dont know how much respect you have earned though.

Second is the masteries. You have invested only in the occult mastery which is more a caster type of build which is ok if you want to play that. However nightblade is more oriented around melee but you can also go caster with it whatever. What would you like to play? Caster, melee hybrid? For example the first skill of nightblade allows you to dualwield weapons. So with that weapon from the rovers faction you would have to poison novas going off all the time :smiley:

i got revered status with homestead and devil’s crossing
the rest are honored

i want to play as a caster actually, wrote it on the first post :x

oh ok yeah sorry. Maybe you would have changed your mind after knowing the synergy of nighblade and melee. but okay. Well there is some things to take from nightblade still like the heal. i will try to tinker a bit with a starter build


i took from the rovers faction the weapon. (its near old arkovia) The groble offhand you can get from those pine barrens little shaman type of smigols (haha i really dont know how to describe em but this race is listed if you search for groble). They are also in the East Marsh and just a couple of other places like in act 1 and some other areas but they drop this offhand. Be careful with components you can remove them as well instead of just destroying or selling. Gather all components and if you dont need the item just remove the component for later use.

Why this offhand? it gives you % weapon damage and one mechanic that is good to know is lifesteal, it only works with %weapon damage so having that on your eye of dreeg will allow you to steal more life of each attack, which is very nice for a caster to survive. Other than that i removed some skillls to become more focused. Dreegs evil eye is spamable now, just the energy might be a problem, i’d say put those ectoplasms first before you do anything. You can respec at spirit guides in the game. if you cant find any just go crucible and one of them can respec your skills.

you can use shadowstrike if you like to move quickly to a group(or not) there is also other movement skills that you can get in forgotten gods. You go in apply the buff lethal assault and start shooting em with dreeg. You have 2 heals pneumatic burst and dreegs blood. They are also buffs so they should be always up.

This is a must read for any new player who wants to learn how the game operates


ok so
i have reached a point where i am pretty sure i need to boost my defences/resistances
any suggestions?
damage is alright i think i just die too easy
i also feel like i should get rid of sigil of consumption and get something else instead but i dont know what to go for

edit: i removed sigil of consumption actually put some extra points on nightblade
updated build here:

also are item skills (biting blades , acid purge) viable to use? i kinda like them but not sure if its efficient using them

ok so i’m in a big dilemma now
which dagger should i use and why?



plagueblood carver has like ~4k more damage on DEE but like 10% less on weapon damage

also, any other suggestions/changes on the build would be appreciated

also can someone explain to me what’s going on with the cooldowns?

4% skill cdr > -2,5 sec on DEE ?
shouldn’t cooldown be way better with the claw?
i’m genuinely confused