Witch Hunter - good newbie build or not?

Not sure if i post at the right place.

I just started to play grim dawn ( im lvl 65 Occultist pure pet atm ) But i want to go witch hunter

But not sure with build is okey/good for a newbie

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Not the right place, I would start a thread in the build discussion or ask a mod to move this there.

What kind of playstyle do you want? Melee, caster, or ranged?

There are no beginner guides for witch hunter in this forum yet (one of the few classes that still has no beginner guides), but it should be possible to do a decent budget acid melee, caster, or ranged char with it.

However, there is a Sentinel acid caster from Nery here: [] [caster] Beginner's/budget acid Sentinel. You could either choose Sentinel instead of Witch Hunter or do a similar build with Witch Hunter (which should work fine too).

There is also an acid melee Dervish from Stupid_Dragon: [DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish. You can’t do this exact build since you started as an occultist, but you should be able to do something similar with Witch Hunter (probably weaker though, since dervish is easier to build without gear). There are probably better gear choices if you choose to do something like this (acid melee DW) as a Witch Hunter though. If this is the case, I can try to help you with it.

There is some discussion about alternatives for a beginner Witch Hunter build in this thread: [DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish. Most ideas revolve around using the ABB rifle (Ugdenbog Bilelauncher - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database), which is an MI made for acid 2h ranged ABB Witch Hunters. Ulvar1 posted a sketch of a similar build but done as a Dervish here: Dervish, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator.

Let me know what playlist style and damage type you prefer, and I will try to help you further with it. There is some great endgame builds for Witch Hunter, but most of them require legendary sets (Venomblade, Rah’zin, and Dunefiend), which you won’t have access to as a beginner.

If you plan to stay with Pets, Witch Hunter is not the best class, but you can go for it as well if you prefer :yum:

There is one if you plan to go pets :stuck_out_tongue:

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not really. witch hunter shines as acid or chaos melee (or vitality caster). and you need full sets to make those things really work. but if youre stuck with occultist and wanna go melee, then acid witch hunter is a valid beginner option next to physical witchblade and acid sentinel.

Acid Caster Witch Hunters can good both endgame and from beginner / SSF point of view.
For example Dreeg’s Evil Eye spam.


I am interested in making beginners Acid SS build with green MI but we’ll see next patch. Other than that DEE will be nice alternative. And you can never go wrong leveling as vitality PB spamming caster. If you focus on secondary nodes, you can sustain the hefty energy cost.


I’d like to make Acid Witch Hunter Biting Blades spammer caster with Balegor’s Crusher at some point with maxed out casting speed because I like item skills and 2handers: Witch Hunter The weapon has now 50% Pierce to Acid conversion. Has points in Shadow Strike too.

Also maybe Cold Witch Hunter WKM that you transform into Acid once you find endgame items such as Dreegal.


Are you planning on doing a beginner’s guide based on that build? If so, I am looking forward to it.

I was thinking about doing a budget witch hunter similar to Stupid_Dragon’s dervish, which would be more like a budget version of Venomblade Witch Hunter. However, now that you mentioned those MIs, I think that a budget acid SS would make more sense and would be a good starting point for Dunefiend (or even Venomblade).

PB spamming caster would work too, but Stupid_Dragon did a very similar guide for vitality PB reaper, so I think SS would be more fun (in case you are considering doing a build guide, of course).

Another good one SSF Witch Hunter would be Pierce / Bleed 4p Blind Assassin + Jarrinthor:
Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
although the off-hand droprate is 4% so one would have to farm for it a bit

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Yes, I am planning to do a guide. But I will start it, after patch is released, so no promises on time frame.

I have one old sketch in my beginners guides topic but is outdated, also tried going for double nukes in SS and ABB but ain’t worth it. Also lack of skill points, better to invest in passives and SS nodes ofc.


i’d say even if you are a beginner, by the time you are 100 you might as wel try a chaos dualwielder if you got the gear(i dont see why not) if you finnish the game you can respec quite a few times, it will cost but even non beginner builds i would consider to play

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Ok, after some thoughts, I actually really like this idea: pierce/bleed Phantasmal Blade Witch Hunter using Jarrinthor. There is also that Bloodborer legendary faction pierce/bleed gun (Bloodborer - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database).

There are currently zero beginner bleed builds, so it would be interesting to have one. I have a budget bleed warder that I might make a beginner’s guide out of it, but I keep procrastinating to finish him up (he’s stuck in Ultimate act 5 for months) and write the guide lol.

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Here’s a quickly ~finished version if you’d like Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Leveling would be the usual “Go for the Blade Spirit shield to the desert and add stuff to it as needed” ; )

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