Witchblade Build advice sought Debuff/bleed tank

Hey all!

I see tons of good advice being posted and after getting my hands dirty with a few other build combos I am really excited about this one.


Essentially the idea is that I want a very survivable tank that uses debuffs and bleeds (bloody pox, etc), to soften foes up to get finished off by melee attacks.

Looking for suggestions and input on Devotions, and of course what to do with skills.

Things I am noticing with this build so far, its a lot of fun, you just murder melee opponents in droves. I tend to take a pounding from ranged magic critters. Was thinking about grabbing a point of blitz to run through the crowd to get in the middle of the squishies.

level 14 grim calc? might want to… plan a wee bit more. What you’re showing is not viable.

Didn’t realize there was a minimum level I need to be able to post? :wink:

Asking advice on where to take the build…not claiming my build is awesome.

If you want a gap closer, get a complete Riftstone component for Void Strike skill.

You’ll want to invest at least 5 points into Fighting Spirit for OA + All Damage. I think respeccing the points from Cadence to Blade Arc would be better for inflicting bleed and Devotion procs since Cadence only proc Devotion skills on every third hit. If you want a good default attack though, Troll’s Rage from Mistborn Talisman is a good alternative.

For Devotions, Fox, Berserker, and Bat have bleeding related stuff. Behemoth and Turtle are great for survivability. Solael’s Witchblade w/ Devotion skill on Bloody Pox could work.

Sweet, thanks for the advice. I did have blade arc, but was going for efficiency…what you say makes sense though, I will give it a whirl.