Witchblade Build

Is this a viable build http://grimcalc.com/build/gmq4lOI have only been playing as a 2H Warder up until now and want to try something different.

I play only HC and Vet and have yet to get past level 41 (only had the game 2 weeks), my latest char got stuck in the first kill room of SoT and died. He was wiping the floor with everything but I just got unlucky and got stuck in the corner right at the start of the third wave.

So do you think the above build would be viable as a 2H build.

No, it’s not viable. You havnt chosen a skill. Blade Arc, Dreegs etc…you need something. 1 point in cadence aint gonna cut it.

Im currently playing as 2h witchblade, here is my build http://grimcalc.com/build/pybghB

I would heavily recommend Solael’s Witchfire and Aspect of the Guardian.


This is my build.
its vialable on ultimate.
I have 42k dps and 12k hp Witchblade its quite usefull this with build.
Your attack skill berenoath furry