Witchblade devotions

Been tossing around varieties of devotion set ups based on a few popular builds here, but one question; for a Cadence physical build with Fighting Form and Deadly Momentum is there justification in taking Mog the Wolf and Huntress? Or, is it wiser to stick with Oleron and Unknown Soldier because maybe the bleed damage isn’t all that significant?

I’m no expert but I think the problem with that is that most of the gear that supports Cadence emphasizes physical/trauma damage and not bleeding. I’m sure a bleed-Cadence build would work just fine, though; it just wouldn’t be optimal.

If I were going to make a Bleed Cadence build, I’d definitely go Warder instead of Witchblade. Occultist adds very little to a bleed build other than CoF.

Actually now that I think about it I used to play multiplayer with a guy who made a Cadence Warder (he designed it around the Gutripper legendary gun) and it worked splendidly.

Kind of figured, but figured I might as well ask. Didn’t think there was enough bleed damage with Cadence for Witchblade. But, I plan to use Savagery with my Warder over Cadence at least to start.

I made my Cadence Witchblade specialize in Chaos damage, with the Obsidian Juggernaut weapon and Abominable Might bound to Cadence. It may not be optimal against certain types of enemies, but I had fun with it.