Witchblade Devotions

So I had originally planned a Chaos caster but once a Devil’s Cage dropped went Witchblade. Now I can handle devotions for vitality even poison but unsure with Chaos I use sigil a lot so I guess I’m a more Chaos/Vitality build also use witchfire now should I go towards Abomination? Or Dying god both are tempting.

u can take both: dying god and abomination.
Abomination skill gives u flat chaos damage so its not so good for casters

Theoretically you may pick both, but practically, you also want to get some more fancy devotions (not just random crap to earn affinity), so stick with one of them. Usually, for caster/summoner you choose Dying God, and for attack build, you choose Abomination.

However, Witchblade is best played as physical 1h+shield build.
The main problem with chaos damage is that only Demolisher can reduce resistance to it, and with very clunky skill (thermite mine).
The most fancy chaos build, in my opinion, is 2-h ranged build, ultilizing Harbinger set. But, he should be Pyromancer (demo+occultist). He’s a “glass cannon” type, having very high ranged DPS and good AoE, but lacking HP and defences…

You can also try 2-h chaos build for Witchblade, but it requires Obsidian Juggernaut weapon.

I went 2h Chaos witchblade my Scythe of tenebris has served me well enough so far my only issue was deciding on devotion’s. I’ve been using Sigil and its modifier and witchfire to add a little oomph to my melee strikes basically I throw down sigil under me and fight mob’s with possession and witchfire while standing on it.