Witchblade melee with pet

it’s possible ? any help with that ? and can i found gear for that ?
suggestions please :smiley:

Actually, i’m diong something like that atm,but might respec after i get to elite.
I’m still in act 3 so atm its something like this: http://grimcalc.com/build/2F8euf

I’m using Malformed Effangy(+1 to occultist) and a good wand for melee while my pets keep my enemies busy(familiar on defensive and HH on aggressive) while i melee enemies and use Sigil to drain hp from ranged enemies while i use Blitz and Doombolt to kill of enemy buffers.

Get pet items from the Rovers and Homestead factions to boost them best unless u find better pet boost items.

Only problem atm is that the energy costs are rather high in long fights but nothing thats can’t be handled.

Try to focus on Chaos and Vitality with acid and poison as secondary for maximum effect, something that should’t be to hard since the C’thonic guys drop alot of good stuff for that.

As for relics,craft Corruption, it boosts your damage great and the Dot it releases can take down entire groups :slight_smile:

As for devotion shrines i got Eye of the Guardian(great ability) Bat(fangs give lots of hp) and Vulture(great resists) and i’m giong for Bysmiels bonds to see if that works with my build.

I’m still thinking if i would keep the HH for higher difficulties but time will tell.

I’m using this build in Veteran and it works fine :slight_smile:
Hope this helps a little.