With all these threads complaining

I really, really wanted to say thank you to the team for this amazing game.

I’ve been playing it since 2016, and it’s clearly one of my favourite games of all times.

It kinda makes me sad when I see Zantai answers on the forum being sometimes “passive-aggressive”, it makes me wonder if he’s just trolling or really tired of it.
I’m part of the “silent” players who enjoy playing the game, and I feel like we also have to say that things are pretty damn cool.

There you go with my positive useless thread.

But to make this thread “less” useless, here is a more detailed feedback :

I really love the Vanilla game, I’ve done the story around 30 times, still a pleasure to cruise through the areas.
AoM (especially from barrowholm to Malmouth) feels a bit too “empty” from time to time for me, kinda like act 3 of Vanilla game. But I really like the areas and boss battles.
I’ve only made FG’s story twice so far, but I loved it. It felt a bit too short, even trying not to rush through the areas. But that freaking boss battles at the end, that’s epic. Each phase I was like : “WOAH”.
I like the story, even if I’m still discovering some lore stuff that I missed because I rushed too much haha

But outside of the story, I also REALLY love how mastery works. Trying to find “synergies” between them, a lot of trial and error (cf. my ranged commando… but I love her anyway).
The loot system, the monsters, … everything “feels” good about this game. It’s satisfying, and doesn’t look like a game for kids. I’m still learning game mechanics, and how to be better at this game in general (for instance how to pilote properly a crucible toon haha). I feel like with all the possibilities in this game, there’s so much I want to try haha

Spent 500h in this game already, bought every DLC possible, and I’d probably buy anything that would come out, even for cosmetics. Thank you for this game.

You sometimes have to be a dick to people who bitch about stupid stuff all the time. Also, I bet he learns from me, which is wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I’m sure that most of you really active and old members aren’t a problem, I often see your name :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s more like when there are waves of complaining and I read some Dev answers and I feel bad for them :frowning: (I developed a tiny multiplayer game a few years ago, got a few thousands players, but I stopped because of the players getting to me and slowly wearing me down… complaining at each update, each individual wanting the game the way he thought it should be…)

(I know I don’t have much posts here, I’m just a reader that enjoys guides, builds, ideas, … and just learning about the game :D)

I don’t know how they do it, their patience dwarfs mine. Although I’ve read threads this week and wondered what the point was as well.


Hopefully I’m not one of these people who’s being a pain in your bum, Z. I really do try to be as constructive as possible.

Oh well, you know what they say to software devs: It’s always the software… But you know the truth: It’s always the hardware. :wink:

Joking aside… You knew this would come with a patch so big and so many changes. :wink: The last patches made some builds obsolete (My poor rune thrower went from “Nice if played with attention” to " Pink Floyds “Run like hell!”, adding new stuff (it always triggers balance discussions)and changing many things. So people take closer looks at things in those times.

One thing that speaking for this community thogh is: The tone is usally factual und less of the usual internet rants. People oft try to flesh out their thoughts with experiences and theory crafting.

So thumbs up for the community and of course to crate and Zantai for a great game and not muting the boards in frustration. :smiley:

If this is an example of feedback that was given, then this is the problem and it gets tiring to see. No link to a build calc, no uploaded character save file, or no detailed info on said broken build.

There’s nothing the devs can use to understand or see what’s “broken”, just someone qq’ing.

If people want to provide feedback, provide data to backup/support it.

We keep asking candies and trolling at Z all the time for our own ceaseless demands.
Can’t see why he can’t return the same courtesy for his own amusement like this.

Nah, no need to post long builds here. That would be threadnapping. It was just an example and no request to fix my build. That’s up to me and if it doesn’t work I could come back. As it is no endgame build and I am still levelling it is quite futile to post long theorycrafting.

This thread is to say thanks and not whining. But unfortunatly that was one of the usual harsh reactions, that luckily are not so often to be seen here.