With the looming new patch can we have a slight buff to nemesis drops?

Especially the new nemesis has been hard as hell but after a few minutes of intense battles, you open the chest to find a few greens.

Considering how big the recipe database is now, would welcome a buff on the recipe drops. Im almost 300 hours into the game and still no relic recipe on sight…:frowning:

There is a slight bump to rare/legendary drops from Nemesis Troves in

Roguelike dungeons are going to be a great source of farming blueprints however with a 100% attempt to generate a blueprint drop from the final loot chest, along with a bump to the loot itself.



Excellent news!

Thats good news and thank you.

Im alittle saddend that nemesis isnt that much special anymore but im all for a rewarding experience.