With the release of 1.0 . (Dual Wield VS 2h)

Has it changed much … or is dual wield still better but with 2h more tanky?

Dual wielding is still the way to go and will always be because this game is all about procs.

2H is even squishier than DW.

What about 1H + Shield?

With the release of 1.0, 2H was nerfed into the ground even though it was already worse than DW.

adoomgod keeps telling me the multiplicative change was a good idea but the more I look at it the more I can’t help but think otherwise.

The changes to AS are a good idea and make a lot of sense but the damage of 2handers should have been increased to compensate. Reaching 100+% AS with a 2H is pretty hard now and with the terrible legendaries we have access to it’s not even worth the effort.

ouch im sad to hear that TWO HAND was nerfed into the ground … as you said it was not better than DW before but it was atleast comparable … to know that it was nerfed into the ground makes it much easier for me to choose atleast but I am very sorry to hear this … I was actually hoping for a slight buff on two handers.

Opinion is somewhat split between.

A. it was way overpowered and needd to be toned down .

B. it requires too much investment to be worth it and the sacrifice in dps makes it not worth it.

It is still very viable… but alot of people feel like the investment required to achieve the god like tankiness makes little room for variance. Although i could be completely wrong about this… ( i most likely am so take this as an opinion of another player such as yourself based on what i read on the forums.

now that the game is fully released … i am starting my first character post completion (starting fresh for this ) I will go Dual Wield and once the proper legendaries are acquired i will make a 2her…

2H has the same survivability as dual-wield if you compare it on one build (like blademaster). I mean no survivability, until you add other skills, devotion, gear, etc.

Shields are still useful after nerfs. You can get around 70% block 50% recovery without overguard, which is still night and day compared to no shield. And getting overguard is worth it for more recovery.

No offense and i apologize if this sounds rude but I do not think anyone compared 2h and DW on one build…

I think it actually makes no sense to compare different builds - there is nothing in 2H that makes it innately tanky

Yeah but how do you compensate for the IAS loss? Both 2H and DW suffer from ‘diminishing returns’ on +%Damage. So even if you increased all 2H damage by 50% (multiplicative with base), they’d still be outpaced by the damage potential of DW because +%Damage scales equivalently between the two but +% IAS scales in favor of DW. :rolleyes: And then you get into procs (Devotion, item, or skill), both offensive and defensive in nature, and the divide between 2H and DW grows even worse.

Maybe give weapons an innate damage multiplier. :stuck_out_tongue: Wouldn’t solve the proc problem, but at least damage output could be equalized.

i think there is a misunderstanding here… i thoguht you wre comparing 2h and DW using the same skill point/devotion point allocation which of course makes no sense…

now i believe youre saying you cant compare a 2h build with a dual wield build … … but overall you CAN compare a 2h build (maxed level/skill points allocated to 2h skills to a maxed level /skill points/devotion allloccated to dual wield trees)

and while certain builds will be better or worse inherantly to other builds… unfortunately as of right now … certain builds are much higher or lower on the tier tree.

such as one build may clear much faster while still not taking much damage compared to another build that clears slower and takes more damag

Does that mean 1H + Shield doesn’t work at all without a shield benefiting mastery or what?

What exactly is the default playstyle for a ranged character? It can’t possibly be assumed to be DW…

Block without soldier was possible before nerfs. Now its going to be challenging. Serrated shell has 20% and shieldmaiden - 15%, thats only 35%. With Devil’s Girdle or emp Badge of Tenacity you can also get lvl 4 overguard proc