WOP focussed build

Good day all

Is there any build out there that uses WOP as a main attacking skill ?

What mastery will work well with Inquisitor to use with WOP ?
I love the skill since it clears so fast, and obviously with Inquisitor you have access to Inq seal and Word of renewal, which adds a lot of survivability.

Getting RR is very important, so a suggested Devotion route is also needed.

Thank you in advance to all the builders out there.

Ill start Lvling a Inquisitor so long with WOP as the main source of killing.


You can use “Blood Orb of Ch’thon” with WOP

Hi Gogga,

Word of Pain is an interesting skill and I’ve played with it a bit, so I have a little experience at least to draw upon here. So far my best results have been converting it to pierce with 2 bladetwister rings and a pack of treacherous means. Tactician was my choice, but infiltrator might be even better due to night’s chill. My other successful use of word of pain was to use it as a debuff, which doesn’t fit your request very well I’m afraid.

In the piercing case, you want manticore and assassin’s blade plus blades of nadaan, assassin, unknown soldier, and a few ways to boost DA such as solemn watcher.

I love it for leveling. Never used in endgame for dmg. Just too weak. I like to take it as 1-2 pointer for fun and for procs. I like to think it’s actually worth it with a Wendigo Eye but I deep inside I know it’s not. :cry:

Iirc some auramancers use it for support dmg. Look for Disco Pony in the build compendium (sorry not to drop a link myself).

Doe MAnticore and Rhowan’s crown debuff stack ? I’m sure that I read somewhere it I sthe one or the other.

If only one is active which one is better , especially if I bind it to WOP ?

Thank you for the suggestions thus far.

It’s either crown or manticore, not both. Crown has a higher value but only works for fire, cold, and lightning damage. Manticore has a lower value but applies to all damage types. Crown creates a damaging stationary storm that lasts a few seconds, causing the debuff to anyone who enters and renewing it every second that they remain in the storm. Manticore causes randomly targeted explosions of acid that cause the debuff to anyone in radius but don’t renew it or apply it multiple times.

YMMV on which is better. I like crown if using elemental damage, manticore if not. If you bind it to WoP then manticore has a chance to proc every second while crown will have to wait for every other second at most.

You can take the vindicator route (shaman-inquisitor) and build around 1-2 elements (via conversions). Lightning-cold WoP can be achieved and you max WoP and Storm totem. Put points into Wind Devil and max raging tempest’s for it’s resist reduction. Max inquisitor seal, Word of Renewal and wendigo totem for great survivability.

Done this and cleared all campaign rather easily.


maybe what youre looking for.

I think something along the lines of the Dark Flame set could be fun: Grimtools: Dark Flame choas/vit pain tank .

I suspect that it should be very tanky with the set proc and SoC.

Uses FoI for something of a different approach to DR (instead than AoC)

Eldritch Pact is a pretty fun relic for extra damage proc. BoM is +3 or +2, so not too bad to craft (1 in 20 chance to roll that); Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation could replace the BoM.

Edit: probably could swap to flame torrent from bat for more local damage. Dunno…might put haunted steel on the off-hand, then (for some adcth).


Looks good. But will Rhowan suffice for energy?

Umm, I don’t know - I have not actually played this. Energy could be an issue. The set ability has -20% energy cost …so -38% on the build.

There are a few things that could be done to adapt:
-swap some physical with spirit
-swap to an arcane spark on the badge
-there are a bunch of magic prefix/suffix that boost regen/energy and can be found on the Bloodsworn (MI) vest: potency, renewal, wisdom, energizing etc.

IMO It’s aoe is too small and unlike skills like BWC & Sigil it’s damage isn’t stackable with itself.
It’s a great secondary skill tho.

Here you go:


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