Word of Pain primary damage builds

Any Theory Build crafters, dabbled on this yet? The mechanic of the skill looks good, but only if it actually scaled well.

Would love to see some grimtool drafts, with your reasoning on this thread so I can explore this option.

None??? come on guys, I know some people experimented with this one way or another.

Imho Word of pain is an AoE dot which does not deal a ton of damage. I doubt you can build around it and in fact I think that it is more suited as a resistance shred ability than a main damage dealer.

Its not a DOT its flat damage per tick, Much like BWC with its burning DOT removed. I don’t know, maybe purifyer with this and untransmuted BWC can work with lots of procs added to do damage. But there are three damage types in WoP, though they are all elemental its still harder to buff it and debuff for it. And it also debuffs for different damage types than what it does itself.

I was thinking about using it with Beronaths Reforge to have all that ele dmg to phys and internal trauma. You could use that in combination with Flames of Ignifar to lower physical resist. Or maybe go Purifier and have something like Word of Pain + StormBox + Blackwater Cocktail all deal phys dmg. But then i wasn’t really hyped so i didnt try it.

My initial thought was Mage Hunter with decree and enough other pieces to get 100% elemental -> aether. Tooled it up and it just looks like a meteor sorc without as much oomph sadly.

Damage per tick is literally what a dot is. Burns and vitality decay are not the only ways of having a dot.

I’ve been playing around with Deceiver builds using Word of Pain + Bloody Pox as primary damage.

Converting Elemental to Vitality

I’ve also looked a bit at converting to Chaos/Vitality with Blood Orb of Ch’thon or Poison/Vitality with a single Decree of Malmouth + Putrid Necklace.

Good stuff guys. Will get into testing after I get my daily quota of no. of kills on my main toon.

Semantically yes, but DoTs follow different mechanics to direct damage - such as stacking together, checking for crits at the beginning of their first tick (and critting for the entire duration) and so on.

You are a troll but I will clarify, DOTs in grim dawn are different damage types with explicit names (like burning) and no, WoP has no DOT component. They only share resistance with their parent direct damage if there is any

Using the Blood Orb to convert it all to chaos seems obvious but even then I have doubts that the damage scales to a useful level. At least you can convert all of the damage to chaos, no elemental dots left over.

The thing with conversions like that is what gear is available to support the converted damage type, i.e. is there gear for Chaos builds with + to WoP or it’s modifiers and would Chaos WoP be better than WoP without conversion but with more + skills to boost it.

There is not, it’s the major problem with all these cool conversions (do not get me started on convert to physical).

would Chaos WoP be better than WoP without conversion but with more + skills to boost it.

Having its own resist reduction built in probably makes up for the loss of +skills. I’d say it’s about equal.

I have a Purifier using a combo Word of pain, Black Water Cocktail and Aura of Censure - and it’s going great. Was hard at first leveling, but now DPS is starting to come up.

Cast Word of Renewal, run past mobs, Word of Pain, and Auras make em explode. Super fast mob thinning

For bosses and lots of stuff on screen, drop a Seal, step inside, refresh Word of pain, and spam your BWC and boss dies, but dodging the big telegraphed hits off course

A bunch of skill, devotion and item heal procs keep you top’ed up

Still early days though, so I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:
But I have cleared all act bosses and most of the content death free so far, with no offensive Devotions
Maxed out the Inquistor side, but still about halfway up the Demo side, once I finish the BWC line it’s going to be nice

I kinda have to agree.

Having its own resist reduction built in probably makes up for the loss of +skills. I’d say it’s about equal.

It helps but Elemental users can get the same amount from Aura of Censure. Though, I guess Chaos users could use a different exclusive skill like Possession and save some mastery points instead of going 50 into Inquisitor. Yeah, Chaos is probably still a somewhat decent option.

This is actually the first character I started after the expac and then after exploring builds set aside to make a farmer because I feel like it might be gear dependent at higher levels. This is the ‘final’ version I hope to make once I farm the gear:


Most important to what I want out of the build are probably the main hand and the helmet.

ETA: Neck and badge are probably integral to the build as well, really, too.

My Calc link for my character at level 50 so far, for the curious, using gear that I have found. Haven’t added too many components yet.
Just 2 Ectoplasm to keep up the BWC spam, and Enchanted Flint


Sounds cool on paper, but AFAIK a many instances but low damage/instance physical damage build (like what WoP and Ignaffar would be doing with Beronath) would be severely hurt by enemy armor (since it’s a flat /hit reduction).

I might be wrong though.

Damage too low to be the primary damage dealer. I’d be surprised if someone pushed it even into 20k, let alone actually realistic primary damage skill numbers.

If the re-casts stacked the damage, it might have been a different story.