Workers can get trapped inside walls

If you do not make a block’s worth of space in between your walls, you will get workers stuck in them. I’m going to lose a lot of villagers this way. I was trying to avoid having to space out my wall layers. The villagers should be allowed to move parallel to the walls, just like they can move between any other set of touching objects. But the way the walls connect to each other mean these poor laborers are just gonna die. RIP.

Look, there’s an easier way to build a graveyard.


The annoying part is no one will be able to get to these guys’s bodies to bury them! :rofl:

In retrospect a better way to do this would be to build each layer separately instead of trying to be smart like me and do one layer, then the other two at once. Ugh.

@Zantai I have additional information on this bug. While trapped in the walls, workers continue to go about their tasks and even somehow manage to complete them. You can see here a forager “gathering willow”, I watched them go from “stockpiling berries”, where they went from 0 berries to 30 something, then the berries magically disappeared and they started stockpiling the willow, and I watched as they picked up three willow without being anywhere near any willow whatsoever. The laborer “chopping trees” in the background even has the tree chopping animation, so the game really thinks that they are out walking despite being trapped in the walls.

not funny, Instead how about actually commenting on a well observed glitch spotted by many players instead of making a glib joke?

Good observation I have seen this several times also, and as others have remarked no one can later clear the bodies either; they remain there trapped…

I only build a single layer then add the next after that completes but this still happens… the main causal incident seems to be that after raiders damage the wall on either one or both levels in that tile, the workers somehow end up being stuck when they replace them… presumably for some daft reason they approach the job from ‘inside out’… not sure but they get stuck very often in that situation I have found

I thought it was hilarious!

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I mean I thought it funny too, and then assumed that Zantai marked it down on their list of bugs. If we can’t find humor…lol

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Yes, I’m going to go through the pain of manually deleting the center wall and then just building a third wall farther out. Didn’t want to do that because of tower ranges.

Not only bad while building, but repairing destroyed walls by raiders is a test of patience.

I have the same problem when I try to build on cliffs, workers start building walls from the inside and get stuck between wall and mountain… until they die from starvation or I add doors to walls that shouldn’t have any. I know Pyramids and some japanese forts had people burried alive inside but this isn’t really what I intended to build and my villagers would agree :smiley:

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