Working on Aether/Lightning AAR Spellbinder.

I’ve recently started playing my AAR Spellbinder again, and am now just about ready to put the finishing touches on her. She’s using an Aetherbolt Pendant to convert all Fire damage to Lightning damage. I’m also using a Hexflame to add additional damage to AAR. The unfortunate thing is that this results in no benefit from its damage bonuses, but the damage is still higher than with any appropriate weapon I have because of the added damage directly to AAR. Additionally, I’m using the Mythical Necrolord’s Gaze for the +2 seconds to Mark of Torment. This makes it a much better defense than prior. I’m also using Ravenous Earth for reduced damage and RR, and Soul Siphon for some healing.

This does make Lightning the primary damage type of the character, but in order to get +'s to AAR, I have to use either Chaos or Aether based gear. So, as a result, I’m only sitting around 1600% for both damage types.

182K DPS
16982-18756 AAR per tick (9488-11262 Lighting, 6549 Aether)
Movement speed is only 118%.

This is what we are looking at:

EDIT: had small alteration I noticed did not show up.

Any thoughts on how to improve the character? Do I have enough defense in the devotions?

Why aetherlightning? Pure aether is the way to go for Spellbinders. You can push DPS to 300K for pure aether spellbinder. =) If you want eatherlightning you should chose Sorc instead .

How does one convert all the damage to lightning?

And the main purpose was simple. I had a level 60 Spellbinder already, and decided to see how those two items would work. Guess what? The damage increased, and as it turns out, there is no good way to remove Aether from the equation, due to needing +AAR gear, which only comes in Aether or Chaos versions (that I’m aware of).

Use build for reference but Ptiro is right pure Aether is much better way to make a spellbinder

I did find this Mythical Stormseer Saphire as a way to turn the Aether into Lightning, but then it turns the Fire damage into Cold. So you are still stuck with 2 damage types.

Besides, Spellbinder is working pretty well anyway. Aether Siphon Souls, and Ravenous Earth are quite nice, as well as the added defense Mark of Torment. Spectral Binding and Spectral Wrath also work well. The keep the Aether side of my damage good, and added good OA and health.

My desire to play the character, and improve it should not be based on another class combination anyway. This is what I chose.

That’s a Mage Hunter and I won’t argue that a better way to go would be pure Aether. It just happens I do not have the gear to go pure Aether. I have to either go mostly Aether, and have less damage due to gear choices, or go Lightning/Aether and do more damage.

Maybe I’ll rework it later on when I have better gear. This character was made before I got to this point and had less options at the time.

Anyone willing to look at my character for what it is, rather than telling me to throw it away?

Switched some gear, used more effective devotion route , dropped useless stuff.
Dunno if you have hat recipe or scepetre. Still dont get why are you so obessed with lightning.

We were just advising mate. And you can use Zars’ build to modify your own

I am not an AAR exper and this is just off the top of my head. Do note you can go for TD and DG nodes for overkill mode :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw didn’t touch gear since don’t know what you have

As I said earlier. I am using Lightning because I have gear to switch fire to lightning. I don’t have any other decent conversions to choose. Fire isn’t useful for necro either. My damage is higher using lightning than fire.

I don’t have every item farmed. I probably only have a small fraction, so I do have to work with what I have.

Anyways, thanks for the ideas. I’ll see what it looks like. I do not have Scepetre.

I do appreciate the help. I’m playing with the other suggestion from Ptirodaktill atm.

I’m curious as to why both of you chose Fiend over Bat. While Bat isn’t great, at least it has some benefits to it. Fiend has absolutely nothing for this build.

Also, I’m not sure you are familiar with Ravenous Earth->Foul Eruption, but it has a 25% reduction to resistance. That means Acid Spray will not stack.

Anyway, Ptirodaktill’s build does have some nice things going. I do end up at 65% stun rather than 80% though. I also lose some DPS, but the OA and DA goes up nicely, with some good status resists.

I don’t have Mythical versions of the Helm or scepter and the Helm change causes a big loss in defense. +2 seconds to Mark of Torment is a big defense benefit.

Ptiro’s setup is better. Go for it. I didn’t suggest DG+TD in my setup since they’re overkill :stuck_out_tongue:
And Foul Eruption only works when there are enough corpses around you, so it’s not usable in 1v1 fights and very good in crucible

'm curious as to why both of you chose Fiend over Bat. While Bat isn’t great,

Just bind fiend to RE and enjoy 3x procs per second. Chainsaw at blank range while chaining mirror and MoT with Aeon proc. With good gear you should be able to drop Grava under 20 seconds =)

I was not aware of the need for corpses. That’s probably not a problem in the Crucible, but it would otherwise. I’ll think about it some more.

Also, I saw something odd happen with Fiend. I swapped it for Bat, since Fiend only adds Fire and Chaos, neither of which I do (I guess Devastation could use it now I think about it). As it turns out, AAR’s damage dropped by about 1-3K DPS. Does +Fire% damage to AAR before the conversion help increase its damage?

I’m going to save this char a few different ways, and see what ultimately works best.

I guess you use that on AAR then?

Dont look at tooltip, its misleading. If you want to compare DPS output use timed Dummy kills, or timed Nemesis kills.

Well you can try both and compare them =)

When people test against a dummy, are they using normal, or ultimate dummies? Ultimate dummies take a while, against normal, it took ~11 seconds to kill.

AAR spellbinders are double handicapped against Dummies- you run out of mana unless you go crazy with sustain and you loose a lot of real DPS cause you cant proc specral wrath.

I decided to take a few points 3 points from Time Warp and 1 from GD and picked up Acid Spray. This is in response Foul Eruption only working with corpses. I had started off with Acid Spray early on, and got rid of it when I learned of Foul Eruption, so I don’t have to start from scratch, but I have some leveling to do with it.

I lose a little OA and DA, as well as TD, but I think this will be worth it.

Here is a bit of a compromise in order to pick up Acid Spray, and get 80% stun.