Worst EoR damage

It did, for retal builds, at least (which get the highest impact from ignoring armor).

He does have an updated version I don’t think he has posted yet. I also have a physical version with no greens, a different devotion path, and different gearing that clears cruci 170 in about 6:10 average… Goes up or down based on mutators

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do you have an archon EOR build or guide thats updated for version 1.1.5

I do have an archon, but I haven’t done proper testing to say definitely that it is better or worse than the existing lightning eor archons out there.

do you mind sharing? i would love any guides or build out there thats viable for version 1.1.5
what build are u currently playing?

this is my lightning archon https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZP5v9JN - 1 slow res craft, 1 %phys craft

for reference here are my other eor builds
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M9dg42 - fire paladin
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV771KwV - chaos sentinel
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVALk6R2 - pierce dervish
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQDAGvZ - vit oppressor
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p2571QyZ - acid sentinel
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pbOayZ - physical warlord

all of these are capable of top notch clear times in crucible with proper piloting
some of them I made a post on, the others are on my wait list til i find time to get them up. One day ill do a compilation post for all my eor variants + yugol spin builds… right @Nery ? :sweat_smile:

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nice! thanks, u love EoR? all your builds are EoR.
whats the best EoR for this current version in your opinion?
this is my first time playing Grimdawn so i have no gears etc, is there a guide i should follow before going for your build? like devotions tree etc.
and which is ur fav eor by far for this patch?

I’ve made more builds than I could ever count at this point lol. I have hundreds of different build grim tools bookmarked that ive theorycrafted and/or tested. Grim dawn to me is making builds in grimtools , creating the items in GD stash, and testing them in crucible/ occasionally sr.

Hard to say which is the “best”. All of the above perform quite nicely. I would say the pierce one is the strongest, but it is using some unrealistic greens (although it works with different affixes as long as you can cover resists) They all have strengths and feel a bit different.

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Thanks for helping me out i really appreciate the time and effort :slight_smile:
Btw Are you the same valinov in discord too?
and what’s yugol spin? i google it says an item.
besides pierce since is pretty much end game gears. which build is good for starters for me? i dont mind farming and gearing for the end game, but unrealistic greens seems abit hard for me xD.

also is there a guide i should be following to level 1-100 like devotions gears. cause archon i require kymon’s santified blade before level 94 right. so is there a guide i should roughly follow. especially the gearing and devotion part.

heres my yugol relic blademaster

um, let me try to find something. doing leveling guides was never really my strong point

Love your builds, just trying to figure out how to get there since is my first time. any rough guide out there to follow before gearing towards your character is fine. besides pierce can you recommend me 2 more other spin2win build, so that i can choose from, i have no knowledge to decide what suits me etc. but i know unrealistic greens is the endgame of the endgame xD (prefer without unrealistic greens)

Well if you are new a blademaster is a good place to start for a primary character for farming gear for others. stupiddragon has a nice starter guide here [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

and this guide is also very nice [] American dream: from 0 to beating endgame with scrap metal and bare hands (For beginners, Faction gear, Pure DW melee, SR75, Crucible 150-170)

Sorry i meant to ask which EoR build is good for starters, ive read a few UPDATED [] The Ragin' Phallus - DW EoR Warborn Warlord [EVERYTHING +] by sirspanks Phys EoR warlord, not sure if it still works current version and https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VYdijhrH_1F85nEa_2ZW98UNrOK-hfie/view by male. same Phys Warlord

but i heard archon lightning eor is better this current patch compared to phys warlord eor
so im reading on this [1.1.2] [SR75+] EoR Archon, Cyclone set (updated) and also this [] Eye of the Storm, Temporal Arc Blade EoR Archon SR 75+
which of the 2 should i follow? before gearing up towards ur character Archon lightning EoR? is the guide viable for 1.1.5?

and also ur archon Devotion seems simliar to this build, so im reading up on this [] Indra – Cyclone Shieldbreaker, God of Thunder. Crucible 5:40. [c+] [sr+] [vid] [g3] but is shieldbreaker lightning eor

Absolutely same thing for me as well, although I delete the ones that I don’t like and sometimes am not even trying them :sweat:

Like who wants Oblivion relic skill converted to full aether Apostate? Just making builds for my personal satisfaction. I can’t even pilot some of them.

I know you love all of your EoR builds but still do you agree with my statement?

hello, I am the one who theorycrafted Eye of the Storm EoR, I wanted to make 2H EoR build both cyclone and temporal performs the same but temporal blade got nerfed by %33 effect damage, Choice is up to you

Hi i love your build actually, just that is my first playthrough, do u have a beginner guide where i can follow up to level 94 or something?
currently im stuck https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY5BOBN not sure what to do, first playthrough so im trying to farm kymon’s blade myself T.T
whats the difference with cyclone eor and temporal

not much difference between the two, One is 2Hander other one is offhand and 1hander its pretty much your flavor pick at that point

devotion tree the same for both of them too?

different 2handers has kraken in it