Worst EoR damage

Would it be physical, by the way armor works and how EoR do small damage per tick? Wondering about physical since I theorycrafted one.

Played a physical sentinel EoR.
To my surprise it blasted quite fine.
Only a very few enemies popped up, who were especially armored - took a second or 2 more to kill them.

Physical is balanced around the fact that enemy armor blocks physical attacks. Hence the very low physical resistance in most enemies.

I mean, physical EoR Warborn was nerfed quite a few times. If physical EoR was that bad, why would that set need nerfs?

Hey man. @sir_spanksalot build has a detailed explanation of what makes a physical damage work.

Here it is : UPDATED [] The Ragin' Phallus - DW EoR Warborn Warlord [EVERYTHING +]

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The worst damage is bleeding, so uncomfortable. Also chaos and aether versions are not that strong. Vitality damage isn’t high but dual RR source is big. Cold is perhaps not impressive.

Other damage types are in good or even in great shape. Fire, lightning, pierce, acid and physical.

Physical, converted from another damage type (as with Warborn set) is NOT affected by armour…

Holy crap - that true?
So mentioned converted physical damage is NOT absorbed and only encounters the little phys res enemies have - like kind of a FLAT TRAUMA?!! Thats insane. Is it intentioned this way?

I vaguely remember zantai saying it would be awkward to change the code to address it so they just left it as is after seeing how it behaved with bero reforged.

The worst is the bleeding one hand axe closely followed by aether. All others can clear crucible with a 6:30 max time if built correctly (most around or under 6min)

Because EoR can stack up next to nothing. No WPS, maybe some proccs…2H or DW, doesn´t matter.

Wait, for real?

Didn’t people write in the past that Beronath-Fire-Strike build would suck because of physical armor? If what you write is true… *start building some physical chars’ :smiley:

Physical EoR works ok, but in order to make it competitive with elemental and acid builds, you absolutely need a cunning dump. Spanks’ warborn warlord had been one of my fastest farmers until recently.

Yep, that’s why they nerfed Beronath recently.

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did it recently got nerf? i just bought the game a week ago

It did, for retal builds, at least (which get the highest impact from ignoring armor).

He does have an updated version I don’t think he has posted yet. I also have a physical version with no greens, a different devotion path, and different gearing that clears cruci 170 in about 6:10 average… Goes up or down based on mutators

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do you have an archon EOR build or guide thats updated for version 1.1.5

I do have an archon, but I haven’t done proper testing to say definitely that it is better or worse than the existing lightning eor archons out there.

do you mind sharing? i would love any guides or build out there thats viable for version 1.1.5
what build are u currently playing?