UPDATED [] The Ragin' Phallus - DW EoR Warborn Warlord [EVERYTHING +]

UPDATE - Warborn may have been nerfed…but devotions have been buffed. Has a sheet value of 306k DPS before ascension, and all procs.

Huge thanks to superfluff: Mate, I know we disagreed a lot over the course of my testing, but if it weren’t for your pushback, this build wouldn’t be half as polished as it is.

GT (no greens, maximum DPS): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAw8B1N <— Updated GT for

YT: https://youtu.be/rwHz6moObgw <— Done with DPS GT as of
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwU-12xHHtw <— Done with DPS GT as of

Been nerfed a tad too harsh, but still a phenomenal set.

Logic behind the build
As many people have realized, physical EoR is seriously gimped by enemy armor because armor negates each instance of physical damage by a flat value. Therefore, skills which depend on dealing rapid (but small) instances of damage will be hit hardest.

There are 2 workarounds to this:

  1. Increase your damage as much as possible to maximize each damage instance :
    This was achieved with a MASSIVE cunning dump which in turn allows the build to do several things…
    a. Gain 400 OA + 460% physical damage from stats alone
    b. OA gain allows us to use divine mandate over oleron’s rage for big, fuck off crit values.

To pull-off this cunning dump the following were maxed:
a. Military conditioning
b. Both mastery bars
c. Physique bonus on ALL craftable items
d. 1 point in VETERANCY for reduced physique requirements

Other things which this build prioritised to achieve this:
a. 22/12 soulfire is a MUST

Soulfire is applied as a damage instance separate from EoR. What this means is that…
> It is NOT affected by beronath’s reforged 10% armor piercing
> It is again gimped by armor
Therefore, you really want as many points invested into it so that you can overcome enemy armor.

b. Focusing on %phys damage over flat phys damage
c. Attack speed (i.e. conduit)

  1. Increase RR as much as possible to ensure that whatever damage that DOES penetrate enemy armor gets amplified:
    This means that Judicator’s set SHOULD NOT be used.

M. Black Matriach + M. Combustion band = The Real spin2win.

Piloting tips
Given the changes to ascension, I tend to save it for when I know I’ll be able to wait out its downtime with safety.

Blitz + Blindside was also taken for DA shred. In addition, the increase in mobility fixes all issues which accompanies EoR’s decreased MS + stupid ‘fear’ effect from greaves of ill omen.

When combined with a mobility rune, you have unparalleled ‘kiteability.’

Circuits breakers on cooldown? Health pot not ready? Health at 50%?

Blitz out to the periphery of the Nem mob you’re most probably in, and spin circles around them. This ensures that only nems on the outer rim can hit you.

Getting surrounded again? Still too dangerous?

Blink tf out.

Achieving sufficient defence/energy
Predominantly achieved by raising max values of ALL resists + stacking fat amounts of energy.

Why is raising your base max res so important? Because of how it synergizes with resilience.

When procced, 5/12 resilience increases your max res by another 4%. This means you’ll take 35% less damage from all damage types except:

  • Physical damage (though it also does increase your phys res)
  • Lightning, fire, vit (of which you’ll take 50% less damage from)
  • Bleed (of which you’ll take 55% less damage from)

This becomes even more potent when paired with ascension as you’ll get 207 flat damage absorption for 12 seconds.

Throwing on arcane barrier from crab makes this absorption that much stronger too. With a short 3s CD, arcane barrier can easily proc 3 times during this process, granting an additional ~6800 absorption from elemental, aether, and chaos damage.

If damage is still getting through, a health potion makes you nigh unkillable during this time.

This allows you to very consistently separate ascension/resilience from prismatic diamond/ghoulish hunger, thereby granting you 2 sets of circuit breakers.

If all else fails, you have serenity to fall back on.

In addition, one of the most annoying nems to fight is Kaisan as he has the HIGHEST phys res out of all the nems.

And whaddya know…conduits give 8% less damage from eldritch :rolleyes:

Last, but most definitely not least, the flat energy boost from conduit allows us to bypass harp, thereby opening devotions up to more offensive options (i.e. Oleron for better phys damage to compensate for WB nerfs).

Other things this build did to compensate for a minimal physique dump:
i. Serenity relic
ii. Prismatic diamond
iii. 3x arcanum dust = 210 DA + 105% phys damage + 7.2 energy/s
iv. 22/12 soulfire for 25% damage reduction
v. Stonetreaders

I also have above average rolls on my items for better overcaps on aether/chaos res.

Gearing options - viable alternatives, and what to avoid
I will ignore the GT with the solael sect pants as you have a lot of room to play with resists/OA with them, and shall focus solely on the all purple set-up.

For the conduit

  • It doesn’t really matter which resist type you get, as long as it’s: Aether, Chaos, or Acid (though aether or chaos is preferable as veilward / fiend blood yield a total of 18% res, as compared to vigil which gives 14% res).
  • This is because fiendblood, veilward, and vigil augments can be used interchangeably to fix your res.

Grasp of unchained might - Is a big no-no

  • Sandreaver’s give much better %phys damage, relevant resists, +3 (!!!) to presence of virtue
  • This nets you 24 OA + 2.2 energy/s


  • I go back and forth between restless remains and consecrated wrappings on the gloves (though I am a DPS fiend, and am biased towards cons. wrappings)
  • Objectively speaking, you’re better off using restless remains in SR, and wrappings in crucible.

Storm shepherd belt

  • Is BiS for sure. Massively relevant resists, attack speed, flat lightning damage which is converted to physical, OA gain, and +3 to AS
  • Most importantly, it allows us to give up greaves of ill omen for muhfucken stonetreaders. IMO, this is a HUGE defensive spike especially when paired with the armor proc from ulzaad’s decree.

If you’re struggling to fix res, fret not - swap out the component on the chestpiece to Living armor. This opens up the underlying augment to one which better suits your needs.

The downside to this is the loss of trap res. You’re just going to need to be more careful around trappers like benny.

M. Runeguard greaves

  • Viable defensive pickup
  • I don’t like it though - it’s damage all the way for spanks

Lastly…can the Ragin’ Phallus kill Gods?
Yes. Fix res accordingly with augments, use all purple set-up while making the following changes:

  • Oleron’s over divine mandate
  • Ancient armor on pants/chest
  • Restless remains on hand
  • Necessary consumables

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

P.S: I’d like to informally request for illusions to make my weapons look like dildos (think GTA). You can call them ‘The Dildo of Justice’


The patch still isn’t out :stuck_out_tongue: it’s still, or did you account for the nerfs already?

I did factor in the incoming nerfs actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just won’t have time to post it for awhile, so I figured I’ll just get it out of the way.

When I saw the patch,oh it’s released earlier than expected!But is that Warlord naked spinning phallus dw build:D

Right so maybe another slight adjustment in next patch:p

Remains to be seen how movement speed feels

It’s just easier to edit a guide then to type one out. :stuck_out_tongue:

If there are changes made, I’ll just edit the guide some.

Just so happen to be freer today, which is why I’m trying to push out things like build recovery/posting.

In the mean time, people with the right items can use the BiS version of this build - i.e. SR ammy + oleron belt to feel its raw power

I mean, it’s just for a few days. :rolleyes:

EVERYTHING + : What did you mean ?

SR 76 (couldn’t be bothered to try for higher because I think SR is boring)
Naked crucible in 8 minutes
Roflstomps main content.

Haven’t tried my hand at celestials, and I probably won’t because that’s also boring to me.

This was a dick move, spanky.

I love austin powers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I still maintain that Step Brothers is line-for-line the funniest movie I have every seen.

Sorry, I thought Everything supposed to be “SR + Cru + Celes” , Everything + even more…

A lot of Crucible builds out there, cant wait for Spin2win build becomes to Everything-build from you

It’s a GDstashed build, so I’d have to play through MC to summon things like ravager, and I don’t have the time for it.

I’m pretty sure it can take on celestials with consumables though. No reason why it shouldn’t.

The ‘+’ just means ‘able to’

It’s really based on the compendium tags - e.g. crucible +

A more defensive set-up is also possible with oleron’s rage + focusing more on physique

EDIT: Are there any spin2win builds which clears naked cruci in 8 minutes though?


A link to the map folder that has Cally, Ravager and Crate unlocked :smiley:

That’s awesome!

Where should I unzip it?

Or you can just copy a fully leveled char and undo masteries in GDStash next time.

BTW, Wondrous Wargem?

^Genius :stuck_out_tongue:

And what’s a wondrous wargem?

Im not sure if Ascension worth the effort beyond onepointer. Id rather max Haven for better ADCTH and larger lifepool. Aslo, you have 100% upkeep on warcry, why not 12/12 ?

As a fellow GDstasher, you disappoint me spanky

Copy/Paste the Normal, Elite and Ultimate Folders to your character’s levels_world001.map Folder and replace the files when prompted

Well, you only need the Ultimate Folder to be precise :stuck_out_tongue:

DR from soulfire, and warcry is really only needed on big baddies when I’m attacking them. So increase in radius isn’t needed.

Haven…how potent is increased in healing effects’ effect on adcth?

I sometimes use restless remains for glove component if I feel like playing more defensively.