Worst Skills build

I don’t invest in it because between primal strike and modifiers, savagery and modifiers there’s really not enough skill points to go around.

Ulzuins chosen - worst skill in the game.

I think cadence, callidors tempest and eye of dreeg could do with a buff or something, And storm totem always seems weak even with vit transmuter.

Ulzuin’s Chosen is definitely the worst of the worst in terms of passive bonuses… Also, I find it funny that it affects 3 skills that has nothing to do with Ulzuin, while not affecting Vindictive Flame/Ulzuin’s Wrath, the only skill that is actually related to Ulzuin himself. :rolleyes:

Ulzuin’s Chosen could be awesome if it added flat CDR instead of a chance to reset CD, and increased radius as well as affecting ALL DA SKILLZ. Because I’ve never seen cannister bomb or blackwater cocktail used as main damage skills. Cannister is a nice stun and proc generator, BWC is a nice debuff, but save the debuff, it’s a 1 pt wonder… 1PW

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My first build is a Sorcerer who uses these two as main damage skills. Canister bomb’s radius is HUGE, that’s certainly not its problem. It also deals a crapoload of damage, usually almost clearing a screen of trash by itself, the only problem is that its limited by its cooldown against heroes and bosses. Flat CDR would make it really good and competitive with other top-tier builds imo.

Is that in Ultimate? All I’ve ever used Cannister Bomb is for procs and stuns. Never been able to coax enough damage to justify spendong points comparatively with other skills. Is it possible to get it up to 15-20K DPS?

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Doom Bolt - high mana cost, high cd, need to aim, all for some pathetic damage

Have you considered this Ulzuin guy may be an altruistic type of person?

Ulzuin the Betrayed was once a god of healing and ceremonies, but millennia of torment following a most grisly betrayal from his lover has twisted the once benevolent entity into a bitter deity interested only in vengeance and destruction.


That sounds cool! i want to be chosen now!

better him than that “snobish” high self opinion rovers god
what was his name magd…madra…magdagon?..magadon?..who cares

I’ve only found one use for Ulzuin’s Chosen.

Canister bomb has a 100% chance to proc devotion skills such as Eldritch Fire. When Ulzuin’s triggers it allows you to re-cast Canister Bomb and re-apply Eldritch Fire etc etc. The debuff appears to stack because Eldritch Fire has no cooldown.

It also works with Assassin’s Mark even though you need a critical. Due to the explosion radius of Canister Bomb scoring a critical is pretty much guaranteed. But meh, the only build I have that uses it only invested 1 point into Ulzuin’s Chosen and + skills brought it up to level 8.

this. and it’s probably the main imbalance in the game for me. when every legendary gives you +xx% in one and more frequently several damage type, and often +1xx%, why invest in these skills ? (not counting relics, devotion, exclusive skills…) that’s also why PHY is so superior to the two other attributes imo. unfortunately it probably won’t happen now.

for the rest i agree that UC needs a rework, Stun Jacks, Doom Bolt, Bloody Pox and Cadence all need a buff.

Crit chance in GD is rolled once per skill use, just like in PoE. So if your skill rolled “high”, it will probably crit all its targets, and if it rolled “low”, it wont crit any.

Having just levelled a second Commando to try the Valdun set I have to say that Cadence is an absolutely terrible skill. When compared to FireStrike it’s just horrible in every way:

  • 2 useless shots followed by 1 potentially good shot, that might pierce a bunch of mobs IF you’re lined up right…it just feels very, very clunky. [*]Because of the above point, lacks reliable AOE.
  • Also lacks single target damage! A well equipped Valdun vs Ulzuin commando is just laughably bad.
  • Aesthetically, it’s also pretty boring…“putt putt fzzz, putt putt fzzz” with virtually no visuals, compared to the veritable fireworks, explosions, dragon’s breath and flame thrower effects (Hellborne) from fire Commando.
  • Valdun set bonuses are also horrible, but that’s another matter (although slightly related).

Basically, why would anyone ever choose Cadence in it’s current form?

I’m not sure a buff would save it. Personally I think it needs a complete rework. Maybe make it a shotgun type skill by default, with multiple projectiles, so you can get up close and make a mess, and some exaggerated muzzle flash wouldn’t go amiss. I like the eb and flow idea of the “cadence”, but having the first 2 shots essentially doing nothing is just annoying. If all shots had the Cadence attributes, but there was, for example, a 33% chance for a shot to do double damage, or double crit chance or something, it would keep the cadence idea but be much less frustrating to use.

Such a shame, because the Valdun set has a great look to it.

Fighting Form (Cadence upgrade) provides quite strong bleed damage. Also, Cadence itself isnt bad for bleed, cause one big hit is what matters for it.
So, Cadence is usable for bleed builds, but in every other aspect, it sucks badly.

Oh, and you’re right, Vadun is a useless crap, when compared to Ulzuin and Harbinger.

I might have to re-gear and give a bleed build a go then…at least before I respec to FireStrike :undecided:

The only saving grace I found from levelling was discovering that, due to the devotion changes in, when you attach Falcon Swoop to a DoT skill with a cooldown, like Blackwater Cocktail, it’s pretty awesome for clearing packs (I was forced to experiment by Cadence’s crapness!). It often procs multiple times in row so you get Falcons on every 1sec cd. I still have concerns about single target, but with Falcon also being bleed damage there might be some semblance of a build in there.

The Shotgun Falconer © perhaps - you saw it here first :smiley:

Just grab Empowered Scarlet Marksman, get Rend, and shoot em to bleed ).

Oh, BTW - DoTs dont trigger constellation procs, only direct hits do. Skills like Blackwater Coctail just put a debuff on enemy, and debuff periodically “hits” till expires, once per second.

Cadence: No Synergy Allowed

Upheaval: Synergy is Dead

Ulzuin’s Chosen Poorly

Bloody Bollocks

Unfinished Blades

Blade It’s a Trap

Olexra’s Frigid Fart

Cadence? More like Decadence… the mechanics of this skill is just bad.

Seriously, it’s screaming “REDESIGN ME!”

Why is Upheaval bad? For a bleed based build that use a 2H melee weapon it just seems like it would be added damage, especially if you don’t use a Warder for the build and use a Conjurer like me, where the only points you use in Occultist are CoF.