Worth it to start playing again?

Hey do ya’ll think its worth it to start playing again before or after the expac drops, im wondering if they’ll add something new to the vanilla zone or malmouth.

Those areas are complete so not really. The only thing being added are some more shrines since with FG you’ll be able to skip difficulties.

They’ll also be adding some new MIs to enemies in existing areas, so that might make the levelling experience a bit more interesting.

I guess there’s also Challenge Areas, though that’s not exactly new content since its basically just existing areas with Crucible mutators.

Yeah, but there are no new dungeons or anything like that being added. There’ll be new loot when FG drops of course since we’re getting a new mastery to play with.

Personally I’m going to start fresh (minus blacksmith recipes.) My brother just got the game so I’ve been getting him accustomed to it.

Yeah though i have to point out, that it still is a Gamechanger which can differ the experience each time you visit this areas and loosens the general gameflow a up a bit. While it might not be (for me atleast) the most important | exciting aspect about the Addon, i still like it that they add something to the maingame areas.

Grim Dawn is always worth playing.

Maybe start up a new build

The story of my life.

Personally I think it is totally worth coming back. I have been playing WoW and D3 for the longest time and was starting to hate it. To me it is the perfect game for diversity (in game play) solid story, great mechanics, and good people.