Would be nice to have a dedicated hardcore players forum

I think this has been suggested before but…

The dynamic is so much different for hardcore players, would be nice for an area to bounce ideas with others that are on the same plane.

HC is the same game as SC. Just don’t get hit 4Head

All jokes aside, yes it would be nice to have that.

You mean this kind of dynamic? http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82859

Lmao. Some people…

I would love that, but we don’t even have a sticky trade thread…:cry:

Simple answer to that one. Start a trade thread for HC and if it gets used enough then I’m sure Crate will sticky it.

I know, people expect to be able misguidly attack a god at not that high a level and then be surprised at the result. GD has always stated that the game has real consequences and doesn’t hold your hand or stop you from making wrong choices. Yes I have played HC and reached the level cap at the time and I’ve also lost HC chars due to fucking up and making the wrong choice.