Would it be possible to remove a boss from Shattered Realm rotation?

Please don’t spend a lot of time on this. But if anyone has an idea where to start that would be great.

I find that Iron Maiden ruins my SR experience on certain characters, and instead of only doing SR on characters that don’t have issues with her, I’d rather remove her out of the rotation.

I would like her to be in the game still (as a regular Nemesis). She can even stay in chunks as a scary element. I would just really like her to not be an SR Boss.

as a total modding noob, i wonder if it’s as simple as going into records/endless mode, and just copying a different nemesis/boss record, and renaming it to maidens record, and the script/spawner will automatically replace her with X different chosen enemy instead ?? :thinking:

I might give that a try thanks!

already did it :sweat_smile:
NoSRMaiden.zip (15.7 KB)
*not sure if it works at all or will just crash SR, used Fabius record to replace/rename for maidens :woozy_face:

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:joy: Thanks! I’ll check it once I get the TV back from my kids!

let me know if it works or breaks the game
not that i’d be able to fix it if it breaks, but curious about if it turned out to actually be that simple (since sometimes i think something is simple and it’s not the way GD modding works :sweat_smile:)

Just to be clear (or nothing wil work I guess): This is a case of backing things up and then dropping your file into the right spot in the asset manager, right?
I am completely new to this :smiley:

edit: Also you have convinced me in the other thread about this and now I feel it would be too much cheating. But I’ll test anyway.

not at all
i’d suggest you use basemod trick,
in your grim dawns game install folder is a mods folder
you open the folder i made, take the NoSRMaiden.arz file, rename it to database
then you put that in the GD mods folder
in your steam launch commands for grim dawn you add
and start the game normally
*if you don’t use steam then add it to end path of the game shortcut you use

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Oh cool!
I’ll do that, thanks.

updated with pics

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Difficult to verify something that can only really be properly falsified :slight_smile:
Are there any logs maybe we could look through to see if there are Iron Maiden mentions?

I did a few runs and encountered Fabius 3 times - two times in a normal chunk and one time as a shard boss.
Since I can now reliably kill Iron Maiden I feel it is less cheating to run with this mod, so I’ll keep it running for a while.

On a sidenote: I love how bias works. I could have sworn I encountered The Iron Maiden at least once every 2 runs (so every 4 shards), but even if every Fabius encounter is a modded Iron Maiden encounter, the numbers don’t add up to that.

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yea that’s kinda tricky, suppose would require a fair number of runs to get the feel for it “never running into maiden” :sweat_smile: - i legit don’t remember her team composition in boss rooms, but that could be a way to determine it atleast since they are semi fixed

also seem to work that way for other chars/builds, like you struggle against fabius “ofc” the game throws fabius at you all the time, low armour/phys res build “ofc” you get Maiden half the time, but we also know that’s just RNGesus playing tricks with us

Still 0 Iron Maidens… but also still a low count of Fabius.