WoW Classic

Anyone planning to give the old vintage vanilla classic World of Warcraft a “new” try ?

An old friend of mine managed to convince me to visiting Azeroth again, 14 years later and 10 years after I stopped playing. We’ll duo level Mage + Priest. I hope I’ll do the same for GD in 15 years :slight_smile: And I hope Nostalgia isn’t the only motivation for playing WoW again.

Which WoW is that?

The burning crusade? I personally stop playing at Wrath of Lich king? Frost mage for life :wink:

After the success of private servers for vanilla (1.12.1), Blizz’ decided to make a classic version. It’s the vanilla WoW, just before Burning Crusade expansion, from Molten Core to Naxxramas. 12 days played to level up to max level (60) and you can die to level 4 mobs now :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a Shadow Priest and a Resto Shaman back in the day.

Very interesting news.I haven’t play that early state of the game,but sounds like nice project.

WoW does bring back good memories,even if I suck big time un PvP.

Resto Shaman,I don’t remember that,isn’t it Druid?

WoW as game probably have the best level design,breathtaking areas.The one with dinosaurs is my favorite :t_rex:

Un’goro was also our favorite area. It was an hommage to an 80s movie (Wasteland something).

Restoration Shaman and Druid were the healing spec of both classes.

Nah, not really. If i ever are up to get a subscription to play World of Warcraft (or Final Fantasy XIV which are as for today still my two favorite if it comes down to pay2play Games) i’d rather play the actual one instead of the classic ones. While there are some really nostalgic memores for older iteration, and while i really are happy for folks who wish to have that again, i don’t want to lose all the things we’ve gotten the past years, only to get “some” aspects we’ve lost from older times. And i can’t help and feel that’s the way how Classic will end up anyway… while there might many people who storm at the classic at first, many will go back to the actual one due the realize what the vanilla / classic everything missing compared to the where we at now and only the loyal core-classic gamer will stick to it.

Still, that’s in no way a complain and i’m really happy for you guys and wish you much fun & luck!

I’m another kind of wow player. I played 80% of my playtime on classic/vanilla and 20% on TBC, when classes had very specific and different roles to bring to the table. The very easy leveling process and the fact that every class has a universal toolkit made me quit at WotLK. I want my character to suck at something and excel at something else. Unbalances is what made the experience so interesting, especially in PvE.

I will not play. I start playing wow classic as I was 16years old. And played it a lot with my friends. A LOT!.
BUT… Times change. We all grow up and I can not imagen having fun again on a oldschool mmorpg. Maybe have fun but its a long long way to archive something and feel good for the time you need to invest and I dont have the time anymore to play 4,5 hours a day.

Math: Speedrunner get level 60 with circa 4,5 days playtime ingame. I suck a little more. So 6 days. Back in the days i needed 12 days playtime for my first 60.
6 days are 144 Hours playtime, 2 Hours playtime average a day (weekend more, work days less) = 72 days realtime to get level 60.
And I remember all the old stuff. The stuff you loved back in the days. LFG in a community. Its like hanging out with friends but I remember also the days where you was searching a lot of time for a group. And a group that could finish the dungeons. dungeons was not 30min rush rush.
40 man raids with dragon point reward system and whole Friday and saturday evening and nights in MC and bwl. Was fun. Was a great feeling. But the times are over :smiley: