WPS+Brimstone question

So I recently found out that brimstone will fire off when an Inquisitor WPS is used to my surprise. Given that a 2h rifle fires 2 shots per chilling rounds, and 4 projectiles with Storm Spread, I’m noticing that Brimstone is firing off each hit, which is especially big while using a Will of Fate rifle with 100% chance to pierce enemies.

The question I have, is will the damage of Brimstone become modified by the percentages of the WPS, or does it hit full strength? As soon as I started using Chilling Rounds and Storm spread, my kill speed seems to have improved a great deal, so I’m thinking it doesn’t get modified. I have tried to test this, but with so many numbers flying around, it’s hard to read.

I can’t wait to see how this works with Dagallon’s, where WPS will hit twice as often, not even factoring in the speed advantage.

Oh, and one more question. Does Brimstone hit the original target and if so, how many of the projectiles?

%Weapon Damage multplier on WPS modifies ONLY %Weapon Damage portion of “default attack replacer” (not sure about Explosive Strike’s Weapon Damage, i think it’s not modified ether). ALL flat damage bonuses and extra independant “procs” (like Explosive Strike) are NOT modified - because they’re NOT Weapon Damage!
So, if WPS skill has less than 100% Weapon Damage multiplier but performs many hits, it still wont affect flat damage added by Static Strike, Explosive Strike and Brimstone (they will deal the same damage), but with many hits, your real DPS will trump up tremedously.
Fire Strike is the best “default attack replacer” for WPS skills with low Weapon Damage and many hits.

Brimstone deals damage to original target too, not counting projectiles released. Usually, projectiles dont hit original target, but few projectiles can “shotgun” the same target.

Only FS WP% part won’t afffect Brimstone. But WPS %dmg will affect Brimstone. So Bursting round will increase the damage. Same for Execution is Dw sabo for example. It’s one of the reasons why DW sabo was so strong in0.4 vanilla

Thanks for the response. The character finally got to wield the Dagallon’s. My DPS isn’t as high as I’d like (up to 52K) due to having so little +Fire Strike and supported Fire Strike skills with my gear selection. This is the worst character I’ve had when it comes to +'s on my default attack. However, the dual pistols with 100% piercing enemies stat, with Brimstone flying all over is awesome. I think I’ve seen 20+ projectiles flying from multiple mobs at once. While it might not shotgun a single target, it sure does when in clusters.

Dagallon will average ~75k with procs up. But paper dps is not the same with real world dps due to WPS:) Same for the 2h purifier I posted. Storm spread and chilling rounds are the single target killers up close in your case

Yeah, I figured I can do higher with better gear. I’m really not well geared for Fire Strike, but with all the WPS and Brimestone flying around, it’s not bad.

Are you saying that the WP% of a WPS will include the default weapon attack damage, and any of it’s linked skills? That would be excellent information to know.

Yeah, Except Cadence ofc.

So if you have FS 120% and execution at 300% It’s 300%* 1.2. Something like that. Except Static and brimstone, only affected by exec

Ok, so that answers another question that I’ve been wondering for a while now. Thanks for the explanation.