Wraithbound Bargoll's Core of Bestial Rage build suggestions

Hi folks - just found a Wraithbound Bargoll’s Core of Bestial Rage as the title suggests:

This seems like it could be an absurdly good roll of this item for some sort of ritualist or conjurer pet build (2 rare pet affixes on an already pet focused item). Anybody have ideas for an optimal home for this item, ideally somewhere it would be best in slot?

I believe the Call of the Grave parts only affects the player, not pets.

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Yes, since it’s a player buff. Might want to combine it with Death Vigil’s amulet for more punch. But then again, Lost Souls has weapon slot occupied, Ghol has Scorpius Pummeler, Beastcaller has Black Scourge. So, it’s not very useful at the moment, but Zantai said something about pet builds and sets rebalancing, so we need to wait and see what those changes are.

A main reason why I don’t do pet builds, the set-meta is just too boring and trivial for me.

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Yeah, they’re too strong to be ignored. I mean, it’s possible to make some exotic pet builds like chaos Reap Spirit or something, but that’s for the ones who got bored of regular builds I guess.

And, well, Z said he’s aware of pet sets being too powerful (especially by granting +1 summon), so they’re thinking it over. Something among those lines.

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It seems to me that the pet-meta has fallen behind a bit, so many fun and updated MI’s have been introduced but are blocked by set-items. Casters and melee have more leeway to playarond and can afford to be more “creative” in terms of itemization imo. I hope this will be addressed in the future.

It will be, let’s just hope it’s drastic enough.

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Removing +1 to Summon Briarthorn or Familiar from respective sets would be an exremely bad idea in my opinion.

The item in the original post is just good to sell at Vendor.

As for variety of the weapons: Bleeding Conjurers can use Mythical Veilpiercer for flat RR on Hellhound + masive Aether res for pets or Salazar’s Blade for extra summon, this is besides the Mythical Black Scourge or Mythical Black Hand of Sanar’Siin, for example. Pets’ builds are rather specific in terms of items/devotions so if you all want variety, how about adding pet bonuses on every devotion as well?

I concur with the above post, but instead of being so down and recommending selling the item, I suggest keeping it as a back-up for a Ghol’s Ritualist and combine it with the Death-Watcher’s Pendant, especially if you don’t have all the Ghol’s pieces yet. The Call of the Grave effect does only affect the player, but having an extra 15% Physical resistance is very powerful, especially against tough enemies. The Health Regeneration is also very powerful, as Ritualists don’t have many sources of healing available to them.

If you’re not familiar with running a legit non-TAS’d Ghol’s Ritualist, I’d recommend keeping this and farming a Death-Watcher’s Pendant with another character to get yourself more familiar with the threat mechanics and keeping yourself and your pets alive. Only then do you shift into a more offensively tuned build with the Scorpious Pummeler (which I imagine will get nerfed, as 50% Crit damage for both pets in Ghol’s Set is pretty absurd).