Wrath of Agrivix CT question

I’ve never really done anything with Arcanist so I decided to plan out an Aether based Spellbinder caster. I want to incorporate transmuted CT but am unsure of how much CDR I would need to make that viable. I will be using Eternity and have 22% CDR without Star Pact and I could reach 35% CDR with SP. I don’t think that would be enough to make it worth taking WoA but I would like to make it work somehow so if anyone has any tips it would be appreciated.

My suggestion would be to ignore the transmuter and just spam ct (with enough cast speed it is very good) BUT if transmuter is mandatory in your ideal build you can go for it. I think you can think about a cdr build with ct+devastation, if warlock is an option then add doombolt (you can transmute chaos to aether via legendary rings). In a build like that i’d say hourglass costellation is a must.

Yeah, I guess I’m going to have to just forget about the transmuter. With the -3 sec cdr to Devastation on Outcast’s Secret, I wanted to see if I could get enough passive CDR gear with Time Loop (and avoid Hourglass, just seems too easy I guess? Can’t explain my thoughts properly lol) to get WoA CT to near spammable with Siphon Souls as filler and cast Dev off CD but I would lose way, WAY too many + skills to CT and Dev in the process.

If I take Star Pact, with the Time Loop proc, I can bring down CT cd to 2.25 seconds and Dev to 8.5 seconds but doubt that would enough vs Bosses. Trash is easy so don’t really care about them lol. Eh, guess I’ll see what it’s like when I eventually level the 'binder. Shame there’s no Oil or Tincture for CDR: 5 or 6 sec duration with 10% CDR would be awesome but too strong I guess.

Transmuted ct is mostly used on burn builds, as a one-pointer to proc Time dilation or in builds that spam something else (like AAR) or use so many casts so that spamming ct would not be economical (like classic clairvoyant binder with bone harvest).

Whereas ct spam (especially one with Anasteria helmet if you got it) is a part of one of the top builds in the game - agrivix binder. If you want something really powerful I recommend it. Guy is immortal AND has awesome clear times.

Choice is yours. In any way, unless it’s a burn sorcerer or sth, imo transmuted ct can hardly serve as main no matter the cdr.

Yeah, I just wanted to see if could try something different and get it to work decently well, however, I would lose too much in other areas to get it to where I’d want it.

With my current planned set-up I have so much added flat Aether damage and 123% WD on CT with all the -RR (~110% iirc) and Fire/Ele to Aether conversion (~80%), I would have liked to try to get sub-1.5 seconds, for huge hits/crits. Guess I’ll just stack procs and spam CT.

I would not avoid hourglass , on a good cdr build it does wonder with mirror of erocletes too. A bliss for survivability.

I second that. The only reason not to take the hourglass as an aether caster is if you’re bored with it.

Maybe that’s true, I just don’t want to use it. To use it for basically 2 spells, Dev and MoE, and powerful spells at that, just seems so boringly easy (the game has already lost most of it’s challenge to me). 2 second CD on Dev every 16 seconds, NOT counting Time Loop procs, and 4 second MoE CD just trivialises it. Maybe if I was planning on doing Crucible a whole bunch then I’d probably have no choice but to use it, however, I am just going to use it for farming SK dungeons and Nemeses. I already have toons that can kill Ravager/Lokarr, I don’t need another one.

If you are bored with sc must move to hardcore :wink:

Right, if you’re not gonna farm crucible, take Reckless instead of Star Pact and maybe Phoenix instead of Hourglass or go for Ratosh/Attak Seru for the fun of it. No point in being immortal when there’s no threat to your life.