wth, a little warning would of been nice -_-

Great, used a mandate on an alt character for the first time then got to honored and went to use a writ and it says it can’t be used because of already using a mandate. After spending every last iron I had on that writ for 88k it only sells back to vendor for 2k so now i’m totally broke.

The damn writs should have something on them saying you can’t use them cause there’s nothing until the error after the fact saying they don’t stack…

Also since there’s nothing you can do with a writ other than use or vendor it back there’s no reason for it to vendor for anything other than the 88k

They can be put into the transfer stash to be used on other characters.

Mandates can but writs can’t apparently.

As I said on Discord, here’s your warning:

lol that’s written on the mandate I had already used and didn’t notice that at the time :frowning: nothing is on the writ sadly.

100k iron bits can be farmed in 30 minutes or less. Or just continue to play the game. You get plenty.

Same damn thing happened to me. I agree, a simple warning would be nice.

Why would someone want to replace a 100% bonus by a 50% bonus?
And why would someone have so little money on an alt character by the end of normal to have no more money after spending 88k?
All this seems quite strange to me. :confused:

Got in a similiar predicament when I tried to buy a second writ for the same faction. Spent last iron bits on it too. Oh well, nobody to blame but yourself there really, it’s clearly states that “writs don’t stack” and can’t be traded.

Yeah but it states it on the mandate but nothing on the writ and I missed seeing it on the mandate.

By the end of normal? I bought the Devil’s Crossing writ before getting to homestead in normal. No idea where you read that I was past normal on the alt.

Also I never said I was trying to replace 100% with 50%, I was trying to get 150% bonus rep by using both thinking they stacked.

This is your punishment for not reading the full text. Maybe next time you’ll take half a second to read, but given that you think “would of” is correct, I doubt it.

Don’t blame others for your haste/illiteracy.

Even with Writs and Gazerman + Wretch + Assorted Greenery, I get mad burned out on leveling new characters.

Fortunately that first one is sort of a new thing, so it is much more bearable. I say sort of a new thing, because ain’t no Alpha/Beta players went into with a solitary toon. :smiley:

Since I used the mandate right after making the character at that point if it stacked or not didn’t matter. It wasn’t until I got to the rep where I could buy the writ that it mattered and then I did read the full text on the writ.