X% chance on attack skill triggering on debuff?

Are X% chance on attack skills granted by items suppose to trigger on debuffs like Curse of Frailty and Veil of Shadow?

Veil of Shadow yes, Curse of Frailty no.

I just found a bug then.

As of now, Veil of Shadow(without the cold damage) and Curse of Frailty both triggers X% chance on attack skill.

:confused: they trigger on CoF and yes, it’s intentional.

They actually work an any damage or debuff application to enemy, and i think it’s intended. It’s hard to make 5% procs work otherwise - it seems game is pretty balanced for that.

Is that new? I never noticed it before :confused:

It seems a bit odd as I am able to get multiple X% chance on attack skill to activate on 1 single CoF cast as if it is being counted in pulse, I have my skill on Calamity and a Chaos Bolt both activating at different point in 1 CoF cast when I tested it on a training dummy.