x2 Hellhound build ? (Shepherd Of Lost Souls Set)

Hey there,

The idea of having 2 dogs is kind of appealing to me. I haven’t played GD much for the past few weeks, but I played a couple of different conjurer builds before and I was thinking about making a new pet-based char.

I couldn’t find any build here relying on that set, so I wonder if this is because other gearing options (and builds) are just simply better or just because that special build isn’t performing enough for someone to post about it ?

(I’m looking for a ‘standard’ solo-build, not a godslayer “I kill anything in 10s”)

So, I got to this, quickly browsing GD Build Calculator :
(I didn’t bother to add components and augments)


Devotion-wise, I did not take the “Dying God” route because I wanted to try something else, but if this one remains ‘too good not to use it’, I will go for it (again)
Also, I’m not a big fan of the skellies so I thought Reap Spirit could make for me not maxing the walking bones.

And that’s all. Any advices and suggestions welcomed, thanks in advance and a good one to you ladies and gentlemen.

You have a long way to go with this. I’d think along these lines, however, if you really don’t want Dying God (which seems an obvious choice with double dogs and Fiendgaze Tome):


This is just an outline btw like yours

I did some experimenting with that set a while ago. Conjurer, Deceiver, and Warlock all outperformed Cabalist.